Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jelly of my JAMS

Hey friends!

So recently I participated in a CD swap! I was in the Trifecta of Awesome -- meaning there were three of us paired up instead of two. I received a CD from the lovely Genna of Freed at Last! I'm a little late to the linking party because I just got INTERNET in my new apartment! Woop!

I feel like I kind of set Genna up in a box -- originally, I thought the swap was ONLY for work out music. So I told her that I liked upbeat music to work out to! So I'm SUPER impressed with the awesome CD she came up with!

Oh, also. I was a dummy and signed up for a swap when I was about to move. But Pat opened the box for me! He took this picture (Doesn't that look almost exactly like the picture I would have taken? Somebody get this kid a blog!)

and eventually will deliver the actual contents to me! Genna was SO sweet and also threw in a perfect summery cup and a book! Girl knows me too well :)

So I actually haven't read my note yet, or held the actual CD. Instead Pat emailed me the songs.:) When I do get it, it will be like a second present! Yay!

Anyway. Here's what's on my CD!

Can't Hold Us -- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I didn't have this one. Actually, the only Macklemore I do have is Thrift Shop, which I downloaded right before my half because I needed more running music. But everyone I know LOOOVES Macklemore. So Yay!!!

Best Love Song -- T-Pain ft. Chris Brown (skip about 30 seconds to get to the song)
I've actually never heard this one before! and I kinda really like it. :)

Don't Stop Believing -- Journey
Obviously a classic. Who doesn't love this song? Although, in HS it was my ringtone for my ex. haha we broke up a few times... don't stop believing! hahahaha.... ok moving on...

Body Language -- Jesse McCartney (not the exact version from the CD but same song!)
Genna went semi old school for this one and it cracked me up! I loooved Jesse McCartney back in the day!

Lucky Strike -- Maroon 5

I. Love. This. Song. If it's not on your workout playlist, it needs to be.

Light Up in the Sky -- Yellowcard
Another I'd never heard! Also, Yellowcard. another throwback. Yesss.

Club Can't Handle Me -- Flo Rida
Another great workout song. You know, if you love singing and running. Which I do. It just makes me smile.

It's Time -- Imagine Dragons
I've loved this one for a while. I betcha can't stay still while this one's playing. Although, totally not what I thought the singer would look like.

Jai Ho! You are my Destiny -- A.R. Rahman & the Pussycat Dolls fr. Nicole Scherzinger
This one is from Slumdog Millionaire! I once did a Zumba to this one. Such a fun song!!

OMG -- Usher ft. Will.I.Am
Another I've known for a long time but didn't have! I've even looked for this one in my iTunes before!

Pop -- NSYNC

Ohmygosh. Love it. I remember when this video came out. And what's better than NSYNC, really?

Hurts So Good -- John Cougar Mellencamp
Love this one, too. Especially right after NSYNC.

Thank you so much, Genna, for the amazing CD and the extra goodies! And thanks to Tamara and Holly for hosting this fun swap!


Genna said...

Girl I am the same way about workout music so I was totally prepared! And after I sent it I thought about the possibility of you having already moved and I was like oh crap she's never gonna get it on time! But I'm glad Pat was able to fill in for ya :)

Katrin said...

What a fun idea! :) I love getting surprises so I should sign up for another swap at some point! :)

jaime said...

SUCH a fun idea! Also, I love NSYNC. I need to put them on my iPod for running.

Tamara said...

Pat needs to work on his blogging skills but he definitely gets an A for effort. Haha.

I'm with you on the running & singing. Always.


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