Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Goals for my next half marathon! + Training Tuesday

Hey friends! I’m BACK for Training Tuesday! Thanks to Tamara for going solo last week!

I originally thought this series/link up would be only while I trained for my first half marathon. Then people seemed to really like it, and I’ve LOVED seeing everyone’s progress and hard work. And now, I’ve signed up for another half marathon. So I’m thinking I’ll keep this thing going, yeah? If people link up, great. If not, nbd. It’ll still help me to look back on my training!

Workouts this week:
So far, only one! Eeep! Yesterday I went for my second run since my half marathon! (I’ve been busy!) I did pack all my running gear for my trip to Oregon, but I never made it out. Oh well.

My run yesterday was two and a half miles. They weren’t super easy, but they definitely could have been worse. I think most of the difficulty was mental – knowing I hadn’t really run in two and a half weeks. But I scoped out a park on my first day in town (only about a block from where I live!) and ran on a bike trail that runs through the park.
The trail kept going after I quit, so I’m excited to keep exploring on future, longer runs!

So I signed up for another half.

I’m hoping that the second time through will be more fun, less stressful, less emotional. I mean, I’ll have already done a half before!

I started my half with goals last time. Here’s what I’ve got for the second time around:

1. Try new kinds of workouts.
The workout plan I bought for my first half has two types of training plans. I mostly did the one that’s goal is just to finish the half – every day there was a number of miles to run and I ran them. Easy peasy. But the book came with another training plan that’s for people with a time goal or who are looking to improve, and that plan has several kinds of workouts/runs. I already did some of the interval runs, but the author also recommends tempo runs (where you hit a goal pace at a certain point in the run) and hilly runs.

I’d also like to incorporate more cross-training – I always intended to the first time around, but with school and work I barely had the time. I’m hoping that, with no classes this summer, I’ll be able to do more different things.

2. Do 85% of my training runs.
Same as last time – I’d like to hit most of my runs. This time, I’m including the long runs in this number. I know I’ll do most of the long runs because I know how important they are. But if I miss one or two here at the beginning (when they’re 5 miles, not 10) I’m going to try not to worry about it too much.

3. Get to the point where I can run my whole half.
Since I have this goal for the actual race already, I guess it’s worth acknowledging now: I want to run the whole half, no walk breaks (with the exception of aid stations, because otherwise all the water will be down my shirt rather than in my mouth, which is less than ideal). So I think it’ll be good for me to keep that in mind with my training runs. I was always scared to push myself too hard in my first round of training. But now I know I can do it because I’ve done it. Yes, there are variations, like if I don’t get enough sleep or if it’s a million degrees outside. But I want to run my whole race, so I need to train like I’m going to run the whole race.

I’m about the same amount of time out from this race as I was when I signed up for my first half, give or take a few days. My 15 week training cycle started yesterday – and I’ve already got one star up!

Here goes nothing!

How is your training going? Do you have any new healthy living goals?


jaime said...

I think my husband is wanting to get back on the running train, so I may scale back and run with him (after this weekend's half marathon.) We'll be taking the jogging stroller out a lot more for running than walking, so I plan on my arms bulking up. :)

The photo from your run is really pretty!

Which race are you signed up for?

jaime said...

I just saw the link to your next half marathon. :) Excuse me for being dense on this Tuesday!

Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections said...

Yay for another half! Those are some really great goals. I love that you want to do more cross training. That's my goal this time around too.

Amanda said...

I am ridiculously excited you signed up for another half. Aren't they so much fun!? I'm sure you get hit all your goals, and I'm looking forward to following along with your training! I'm registered for 2 more halves this fall. One in October and one in November, so I'm right there with you!

Tamara said...

Your trail run looks puuurrr-tay.

I'm excited for your next half - you're going to kill it - especially since you've already done one and have a feel for what to expect. I think your goals are awesomesauce too. Realistic & doable.

Katie said...

You guys and your running! So exciting! I've started a new workout routine that is mostly lifting and less cardio and we'll see if I can stick with it. I've just kind of come to the conclusion that I hate cardio, and when I know that I have to go to the gym and do a bunch of cardio I start to dread it. Sooooo, my hubby made me a new workout regime that has mostly lifting, which I actually don't mind. Fingers crossed! Good luck with your training!

Tristan Schlegel said...

Yayyy for your second half!

Holly said...

I signed up for another half, too!!! I like your goals a lot. I heard cross training really helps, even if you don't run as much. I think you can totally do these goals :)


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