Monday, April 15, 2013

Five things (times five, so really 25 things) about me.

I found this post (forever ago) from Jen, who found it from someone else, who found it from someone else... so I'm stealing it. :) I did change one of the questions though.

5 Things...'ll find in my bag.
Well, I prefer to only carry my keys, which are attached to a little wallet. But when I do have a bag, five things in it might be...
1. My folder for class Actually I've been forgetting that quite often... but it should be in there!
2. Headphones
3. Tupperware from lunch and/or my water bottle
4. A pencil case :)
5. My planner! Obviously.'ll find in my bedroom.
1. Pat. haha.
2. Brown blanket -- the softest blanket ever my sister gave me as a housewarming gift
3. Clothes everywhere
4. My training plan!
5. Lots of books 

...I'm currently loving.
1. That I ran (and walked) TEN FREAKING MILES yesterday.
2. That the cranky mood I was in all last week seems to be over.
3. The colors I'm wearing today -- navy, light purple and grey
4. That I'm going to see Simone FINALLY this weekend!!!!!!!!!
5. The scholarships I got for next year (thank you generous donors to the KU School of Education!)

...quirks I have.
1. My hips pop. SUPER loudly.
2. I have my library card number memorized! 1130701607941 :)
3. Before me and Pat lived together, I would watch the same movie every night for a month (or months...). Common culprits are the first Harry Potter movie, Love Actually, Up! and You've Got Mail. I also went through a Fellowship of the Ring phase in high school.
4. Probably my favorite article of clothing is the hoodie. At last count, I think I had twelve.
5. The ability to recognize narrators of audio books from one to the other (currently listening to Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, which is narrated by Sarah Drew, who is my favorite).'d know if we had met in real life.
1. I'm afraid of Zombies. Like, leave the room when a commercial is on, never talk about it in front of me afraid.
2. I don't like feet. I don't want your feet to touch me and I don't want you to touch my feet and I probably don't want to look at your feet either.
3. I never turn down ice cream. When I studied abroad, we sometimes ate it twice a day. Truth.
4. My handwriting looks like this:
5. My car is Betsy. Sometimes this confuses people because Betsy is quite old and I often talk about having to buy a new car. ("It all depends on when Betsy dies... If she holds out a little longer I might not have to take out student loans...")

Now it's your turn! What is one thing I would know about you if we'd met in real life? Or what's something you're LOVING right now? Can't wait to hear!


Sara said...

Ten miles?! Girl, that's awesome! Good for you!

LOVED this post! It's always fun learning new things about my blog buddies. :-)

Katrin said...

My first car was Hermione! :) And that post is an awesome idea! I might have to do the same!

Leslie said...

My old car was named Betsy!! And she kept going to the "hospital" all the time there at the end.. ;) ALWAYS confused people.

Congrats on 10 miles!! That was one of my most exciting days during training last year, double digits! So happy for you and your dedication! You're killing it.

Tristan Schlegel said...

You would for sure know that I definitely talk like I'm from the midwest. And that I love yellow, and friends, and running, and people, and laughing! :)

Kristen said...

Bahaha to Pat in your bedroom.

Congrats on the scholarships! And the 10 miles!

Becky said...

You would know that I am a very positive, happy person most of the time! I am very active, and I love to always be doing something!


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