Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Favorite running gear: Training Tuesday

Hello all.

It's time for Training Tuesday! Link up here and grab a button, if you want. :)

Workouts this week:
Tuesday: 4.63 miles outside. Was supposed to be 4.5 but I wasn't paying attention till after
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: Woke up early (five freaking thirty) and got 11 miles done before work.
Saturday: AIM for the Track 5k! Recap... someday. Maybe.
Sunday: Rest day
Monday: Unintentional rest day. Whoops

Pits of the week:
I got chaffed on my long run. Boo.
That's pretty much it. Well and my unintentional rest day, but I'll probably make up for it this week.

Peaks of the week:
I PRed at my 5k!

My long run also went really well. No major complaints and I kept a good pace.

Running Gear

Since last week I shared my thoughts on fuel, I thought today I might share some reviews of the gear I use while I'm running.

I got this water bottle, made by Ultimate Direction, from the running store in town for around $20. I like it... but it took a while. The mouthpiece is NOT normal and not intuitive. You have to pull it out with your teeth and then squeeze the water bottle really hard. It took me two long runs to figure it out, and if I'm walking, I just take the whole lid off.

But. I like having a water bottle with me while I run (I wasn't carrying water at all before), and this one is pretty easy to carry. It's also nice to have another pocket for carrying things, like my jelly bean fuel. They have some with a fabric sleeve around the water bottle that's supposed to keep the water cold and your hand from getting cold. I think I'd get that version if I bought again. (Search for Ultimate Direction water bottle on Amazon and it's the first result.)

I got this armband (or one a lot like it) made by armpocket at the same time for around $25. It took a while to adjust to using an armband rather than carrying my phone. It bounces around more than I expected, and it's not easy to change the song or volume. But I started using the kind of headphones that have the volume thingy on the wire near the earbud and that helps a lot.

I also carried a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck when I was holding my phone, so using an armband helps a lot and I don't have that problem anymore.

I got these shorts in plain black a few weeks back and LOVE them so much that I went back and got them in this color too. I've had other similar shorts that ride up but these are PERFECT and stay in place for my whole long run. And they're only 17 bucks at JC Penney. LOVE.

If you aren't ready for full-on spandex shorts, I'd look for some that have spandex underneath jersey shorts. I have a pair, also from JC Penney, although I can't find them online, and wore them for like every run until I bought the spandex ones.

I got this shirt at the same time and have only worn it once, but it's only 7 bucks on sale and has the coolest thumb holes. I think I'll really like it!

Most of the time I run in basic t-shirts or a tech shirt I got at a 5k, but when I do buy actual workout clothes, I love the Xersion brand from JC Penney. I've gotten several things from that brand and have loved all of it. Plus, if you order online, JC Penney ships to their nearest location for free, so you don't have to lose the shipping cost if you end up returning whatever you bought.

What do you all love to run in or with? I'd love to hear!

PS I'm totally not getting anything from reviewing these products. Just sharin the love!


Amanda said...

11 miles. at 5:30 in the morning. who are you??

Kate said...

11 miles?! YOWZA. so proud! You are going to kill your half marathon. Seriously.

I'm really needing to buy one of those water bottles. I had never really considered it before, but it's seeming like a smart idea.
And I love LOVE shirts with thumb holes. I habitually pull sleeve down over my hands when I run, and the thumb holes are WONDERFUL. Love them.

Sara said...

11 miles?! Holy cow, sista'....way to go! Sorry for the chaffing though...no fun!

Thanks for the tips on the gear. That was one of my big questions in my post today! :-)

jaime said...

I love that you ran 11 miles before work. Just after my last marathon, I ran 7 miles over lunch and I was a hot mess the rest of the day! (Now I stick to 3 or 4 miles.)

For long runs, I tend to run with a water bottle that fits my hand and has the pouch, but the pouch is sometimes hard to unzip. I have an iPod Shuffle that clips on me and I run in Nike Dry-Fit shirts and various shorts or running pants. Depends on the weather, but I never run in spandex (I'm just not that brave.)

Tamara said...

Yay for 11 miles! You're a beast.

Why didn't you talk about the chaffing more? I need another laugh. :)

I have a hand-held water bottle too, and I've used it before but mostly I prefer not too if I can help it. Since I generally do long runs on a treadmill, I don't have to carry it and then during races I count on the water stations. which actually has hurt me in the past (i've had a couple races where they ran out!)

Using the armband for the phone is so much better than holding a phone.

I never thought to look at JCPenney for workout gear..sounds like they have good prices and I'm all about that! Workout gear is expensive!

Amy said...

Look at you go!! :)
And i love those running shorts. I can never wear them though, they ALWAYS ride up. even if they are super tight...so frustrating!

Amanda said...

I can't get into the spandex thing. I love my Nike shorts. I have 4 pairs in different colors! I DO love that shirt with the thumb holes, though. Super cute!

meg m said...

i cannot believe you got in 11 miles before work.
you. are. amazing.
thanks for the clothing ideas, I need some new gear!

whosmydaddy said...

Good for you! I miss running long distances (I just had my fourth kid 2 months ago) but I'll be back at it soon enough. (I teach spin and core classes so I don't want to overdo it getting back into it, yanno?)

Half marathons are SO fun. I think I like them more than full marathons. Distance running takes mental strength and the training is the hardest. You're going to kill it!

Good job!

-Cassie (from Sweet and Saucy, but I blog more fun things at this site.)

Meleah Morales said...

You are awesome!! I am just taking a study break to read some of your blogs and catch up on your life. :) I don't get to do that often enough.

I am going to have to try those spandex shorts for bike riding. I haven't found any that don't ride up yet!

Love you!


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