Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Any advice? Training Tuesday

Hello all.

It's time for Training Tuesday! Link up here and grab a button, if you want. :)

Get ready, friends. This was not my best week of training.

Workouts this week:
Tuesday: Intervals! Makes it go by super fast.
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Two miles, supah fast.
Friday: Unintentional rest day.
Saturday: Unintentional rest day.
Sunday: Lamest worst run of my life.
Monday: Unintentional rest day. Again. Whoops.

Pits of the week:
Check out all those rest days. Dang. I missed a run and then my long run was so, so bad. It was supposed to be 12 miles. I made it 7.5 and then called Pat and made him pick me up. I think there were a lot of reasons -- I went camping the night before and then volunteered early, meaning broken up/not so great sleep, I probably wasn't hydrated enough, it was 80 degrees out and I was sweating more than I've ever sweated before. There were a lot of reasons, but none of them are excuses. I should have run all my scheduled runs and I should have finished my dang long run.

I swear I even thought about the prospect of having to write this. I thought about my dang list of goals and the Forever Fitness Challenge ladies and the fact that not finishing my run technically meant I wasn't going to meet all my goals. But I just couldn't fathom running for another freaking HOUR. So I stopped.

A lot of training plans stop at 10 miles. When I was looking into training plans, I was like, that's dumb. I have time, I'll go up to 12 and that way I'll know I'm super ready.

But I think there's a reason. I've already done 11 miles. I knew I'd be able to finish the run if it had been race day. So now my motivation to run 12 is suddenly... not there.

Hopefully this didn't screw me up for race day. I don't think it did, but there will be doubt in the back of my mind, I'm sure.

Peaks of the week:

On to happier topics.

I am now two weeks out from my race -- less than, even. And I know a lot of you all have done longer races before.

So the question this week is -- what advice do you have for a first-time half runner?

One thing I've been wondering about is what I should tell my family + Pat to do. Where do you like to have your supporters stand? 
Do they usually pick a spot and stay put or do they move ahead and wait for you somewhere else?

Other than that, is there anything else I should know? Anything you wish you knew before your first half? Anything I should expect?

I started my running life long ago (okay, not really) by asking for advice. It feels significant somehow to ask for it again.

So who out there has run a half marathon? What do you remember from your first race? What should I know going in? Thanks in advance, loves!


Jordan said...

As a brand spankin' new runner, I see nothing wrong with stopping after 7.5 miles! :) I've been keeping up with your weekly posts and am always so inspired by your dedication. It's ok to have a bad week, I'm sure you'll bounce back stronger than ever!

jaime said...

You've already done 11 miles, you're prepared for a half marathon. After my full in March, the furthest I ran was 10 miles. My race was Sunday and it couldn't have gone any better. We had plans to run further in training and it just didn't happen.

For race day, don't try anything new. If you're used to a sports drink, carry it with you (if you know it's a different drink on the course.) If you're used to Gu or jelly beans or even Twizzlers, have those on you. More than likely, the aid stations are going to be at places you aren't used to taking drinks or Gu/whatever.

Body Glide. It'll be your best friend and will prevent chafing. Especially if it's a warmer race. I ask for it at Christmas (and I'm so thankful I had it this past weekend!)

I like to have my family at the finish or close to the finish. Even around 12 miles. If you know of somewhere that loops back so they can see you twice, tell them to go there. Have your phone so you can call them when you're done.

And good luck! :)

exlibrisheather said...

Well you get an A for effort. :) I think the most important thing is to listen to your body...it sounds like you needed that break. Disclaimer: I've never run a half...but from all my readings it sounds like you have really put the time in. I think your adrenaline will get going on race day and you will rock it! At least that's my prediction :)

Sara said...

I'm with Jordan...nothing wrong with stopping. I feel that way after the first mile sometimes. You have so much determination, I know you'll do great with your half coming up. I hope I do just as good at my 5K in July!! :-)

Amy said...

eep! i'm so excited for you! 2 weeks out?! man it will be here before you know it!
LISTEN to your body, that is the most important thing i've learned and have been taught! :)

Kate said...

Obviously, I've never done a half. SO I have no advice.

I feel like it should still be weeks and weeks away!

We all have bad weeks. It's a fact of running. But I have FULL confidence that you are going to own that race. You've done SO well up to this point. One bad run isn't going to ruin you or your determination.

meg m said...

I wish I had advice for your half but I'm not nearly there yet.
can't believe it's only 2 weeks away that's so crazy!
you will do AMAZING!!

Katie said...

I have no advice as I am NOT a runner, but I think you are doing fantastic! And I know you will do amazing on race day! :)

Amanda said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! First of all, I think I only ran up to 11 miles before the race. Maybe only 10, now that I think about it. YOU WILL BE FINE! Seriously.

For me, the toughest mile of a half is mile 9. I would definitely have family there if they can be. You are going to rock it! Have a blast and don't worry about time. Seriously. Just finishing is such an accomplishment, and I'm sure there will be many more where that came from. Also, don't go out too fast. I really can't stress this enough for any race. You don't want to be tired at the end... you want to be passing people at the end! :)
Excited to hear all about the race!

Melissa @ Freeing Imperfections said...

I hadn't thought about where I'd want friends/family to be during a race because I haven't had any come. My husband ran my first half with me, so that was all the support I needed!

I think I would just suggest realizing it's just another run. Like... it is a race. But I got so nervous over the fact that it was a race. Maybe because my half was my first race ever. Anyway. You will finish. You will live to tell your tale. I think I thought I was going to die or something after... lol

Tristan Schlegel said...

My bro is running the full this Sunday! Tell them to get some really really tall balloons and find somewhere on the course to stand where you have a long straightaway. When you come around a corner and see the balloons you know they will be coming up soon so your motivation to get there is great!

The reality of them being at the start never really makes sense. When my Dad runs, we always stand at mile 1 for sure. And then depending on road closures, we usually figure out how to make it to mile 5, 9ish, and then make it to the finish line before him! If they're up for it, it would be much better for you if they move around so you can see them multiple places!

I'm so excited to see you finish!


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