Monday, March 25, 2013

Twenty four

Hey friends!

I turned twenty four last Friday. Thank you all SO much for your wonderful tweets and comments! You really made my day. :)

But twenty four. Wow.

A year ago (plus a few days, now) I wrote a post with twenty four goals to accomplish in my 23rd year -- 24 Before 24. I remember getting the idea from other blogs, and every now and then I'd see a blogger who didn't complete her list, and I'd think, well that's silly. I'll definitely finish mine.


Truth is, a lot can change in a year. Since this time last year, I quit my old job and started grad school, which also meant starting an internship. I moved in with Pat and started running (which was actually sparked by one of my goals!).

The amount of time I had to dedicate to goals changed, my interests changed. And altogether, I changed.

I did some extra on some of the goals... Maybe that makes up for the ones I missed? :)

I thought about making another list for this year. I even thought of a few goals -- bake for the office, fill the office candy dish, finally read the His Dark Materials series volunteer for a race. And those are all things I hope I'll do, maybe in the next year.

But ultimately I decided not to make another list. Because who knows where I'll be in another year? I'll be about to graduate (again), searching for a job, writing my final compositions. I'll have run a half marathon. I'll be turning twenty five (holy moly). And while there's lots I hope to achieve in the next year, I also want to be open to anything and everything. I want to do things because I want to, not because they're on a list.

We'll see what comes.

Just for fun, here's a look at my list and what got done and what didn't. :)

1. Send 24 letters --  I did this one -- and more! This was the first I crossed off, I think.

2. Visit Simone -- This one, unfortunately, didn't happen. And it's probably the one I wish had happened the most. I mean, how awful is it that in a WHOLE YEAR I didn't make it out to visit my friend in her new home? (that isn't really so new anymore...) But the situation is going to be rectified -- I'm headed out to see Simone at the end of April!

3. Visit Meleah -- Check! I wrote about it here. :)

4. Learn to juggle! -- nope! Still just as uncordinated as ever.

5. Learn a song on the guitar -- nope. On my original list I said, "I've had a guitar for years and can play absolutely nothing on it. I've toted from home to a dorm back home to a house back home to a different dorm, back home again and to a new house and can't do a dang thing with it but carry it around." This is all still true.

6. Finish a puzzle with Pat -- Check! Wrote about it here.

7. Try 24 new recipes -- Check!

8. Learn to sew on a sewing machine -- Nope. Partially, this was on the list because I was going to buy a sewing machine. When I started grad school, I decided I didn't have the time to invest or the money, really, and never bought one.

9. Make one of my dream decor crafts -- Check! Here and here.

10. Go see a local play or musical -- Check! It wasn't really "local," but I counted it because I so rarely see a play! I went to Beauty and the Beast when it came through Lawrence. :)

11. Finish the project I started when I was home for Thanksgiving -- Check! Although it's not on display anywhere. Posts here and here.
12. Go to three new bars and three new restaurants in my hometown -- Check!
13. Start an etsy shop -- This most definitely did NOT happen. Mostly the same reasons as the sewing machine thing -- with grad school, it just hasn't been a priority.
14. Go rock climbing -- Nope. Turns out Pat hates rock climbing, and I never found someone else to go (not that I tried very hard).

15. Find a few great local hiking spots -- I like to think this one didn't happen because I ended up falling in love with running. But also, I never really tried. Whoops. Another time/priority conflict, I think.

16. See a psychic -- I still REALLY want this to happen. 

17. Memorize this poem and this one -- I got the first, never got the second.

18. Complete a 5k -- Obviously this happened. :) Posts here, here and here. :)

19. Try kickboxing -- I did this one! I went to a class at KU's rec center. I also just bought a Groupon for Title Boxing Club! I think I might start with one of their family friendly classes. :) Seems less intimidating.

20. Send flowers to someone -- Check! Sent to my hardworking, incredible mom. :)

21. Buy something I would usually be too scared to wear and actually wear it -- Skinny jeans! Colored skinny jeans! Scarves! 

22. Treat myself to something I would normally talk myself out of just because I can -- Check! I bought a Bare Minerals starter kit. And maybe a few more things... 

23. Hold a dinner party for my friends -- Check! Posted here.

24. Try five new foods. -- Guys. I rocked this one. I tried nine new foods. Quinoa! Spring rolls! Caramel frappuccino! Fried okra! Eggplant Parmesan! Pad Thai! Sweet potato! Pears! and Pomegranate! I would eat five of them again. :)

So there it is. The truth is out. I, like the bloggers I scoffed at, did not finish my 24 before 24 list.

But I did have a really good year.

Hope you're all having a great Monday! Don't forget Training Tuesday tomorrow, if you're linking up!


Holly said...

I love making lists and getting them accomplished :) And you ROCKED yours!!! So happy for you!!

Shauna said...

Happy birthday!!! Great job on your list!

Amanda Schroeder said...

I remember reading your goals! Congrats for completing them. Happy Birthday. You're adorable & I'm a proud reader. haha!

Sara said...

Happy belated birthday! I think you did a great job on your list. :-)

Tamara said...

Even if you didn't complete all your goals, you completed most of them & then some! Totally should be proud. I think one of the great reasons with these lists is that it gets you moving and gets you doing htings you normally wouldn't do - and that's the point anyways. To branch out.

You're a rockstar and I hope you had the best birthday EVAH.

Katrin said...

Happy happy happy belated birthday, Abbey! How did I miss this?!? Oh no, I am sorry! But I hope you had a wonderful birthday and will have a fabulous year! And I think the main thing is that you had a great time and not that you crossed off everything from your list. I am sure you did a lot of other great things!

Kaileigh said...

You were able to check off a lot of things on your list! I'm pretty impressed.
I love the Home is Wherever I'm With you painting. I have wanted to do almost the same thing for my entrance but haven't gotten around to it yet.
Happy Belated Birthday!

Breenah said...

You checked off a LOT of stuff! If you were making a list for this next year, it would include visiting me or making me visit you, right? I mean, two hours is NOT that far. And oddly enough, I'll be in Lawrence in a couple months for a baby shower so... :)

Susannah said...

Hope you had an amazing birthday! It was fun to read which goals you did and didn't complete. It's amazing to see how our goals change in a year's time.

Kristen said...

I really need to get my life together and start making some more goals. ;)

Happy belated Birthday!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! Yea for 24!!! And I feel like you accomplished a ton of stuff on your list. congrats!

Amy said...

You did great on your goal list...especially the new foods. So hold on you've never had any of those before? girlll fried okra is where it is at! and pad thai, sweet potatos...yumm..i even have a pear tree in my back yard haha.
I'm the same way with the guitar, we actually have a lot in my home and we don't know how to play them, such a waste!
Also, i wish i knew how to juggle!


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