Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Perfect Night In Swap!

Hey friends!

Double posting really quick today. Gotta give a couple huge thank you shout outs to a couple girls.

Lin and Amber recently hosted a blog swap with the theme "Perfect Night In." I was paired with Tristan, which was so fun -- I've never been paired with a blogger I already knew before, and I definitely got a great package for it!

Tristan sent me a fitness magazine (which was too funny because I looked for one for her but couldn't find any!), a book off my goodreads list (which I don't already have!) a recipe for cookies and cream popcorn (loooove cookies and cream anything) a few bags of popcorn, some mini bottles of wine (so cute!) and a fun notepad, which I'm sure will be put to excellent use since I am a notorious list maker. :)

Such a fun swap!

Thank you so much Tristan for the excellent package, and thank you Lin and Amber for hosting!


Kari said...

Cookies and Cream popcorn?!?! Omgoodness! And I love those little bottles of wine :)

Katrin said...

What a cool package! I like the idea of swaps
Let me know what you think about the book!

Amy said...

Love her package items! SO CUTE...i've seen those mini-bottles of wine at world market, hmmmmm it would be a great way to try something new without committing to the whole bottle.
Also HOW SWEET that she got you something off of your goodreads list!

Tamara said...

So, I got my swap partner some alcohol but then I read you can't mail alcohol so I didn't put it in her swap box.

Tristan is quite the rebel. Haha.

She did a great job on the package, you got a ton of great stuff!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Mm...love cookies and crème. That is awesome! You got some great stuff. I don't drink alcohol, but those mini wine bottles are too cute!

Lin said...

What a great swap package! I've heard of that book and have wondered if it's any good, you'll definitely have to let us know. Nom nom nom...popcorn :)

Thanks so much for participating the swap & linking up!

Holly said...

What an awesome package!!! Great job, Tristan :)


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