Sunday, March 24, 2013

Forever Fitness Challenge: A few more additions!

Hey friends!

We've had a few late additions to the Forever Fitness Challenge! I'd like for you all to meet Amy and Becky!

Amy is such a fun blogger to follow! She blogs over at Taking Steps Home about everything from decorating and theme parties to whatever is really on her heart each week. Amy has several goals going on -- the first is to work out four times a week! She also wants to cook more and work on making healthier choices, including getting a handle on portion control. She said "I am going after this goal to finally turn my life around and embrace a healthy lifestyle... This is a challenge because I'm a quitter. I start something all of the time, try it for a few weeks, and then BAM I quit. I'm tired of quitting, I want this to be a lifestyle change."

Becky blogs at The Saved Runner and she's been running for a while -- girl's already done three half marathons! Becky wants to work on her speed and will be doing at least one speed workout a week. She's also wanting her mid-distance and long-distance pace to be a little faster.

She said "This will be a challenge for me because it has been about three years since I have really tried to push myself while running or since I have gone out and run sprints. I have gotten out of the habit of pushing myself while running."

I'm adding both these lovelies to the original post so if you are looking to follow everyone in the challenge, you should bookmark the original meet and greet!

In other news, my HUGE work project is finally over, although I have a medium-sized one (that seemed huge before I got last week's project!) coming up, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up on all ya'lls blogs! (I didn't even comment on last week's Training Tuesday posts yet! Eep!)

Hope you've all had a WONDERFUL weekend! 


Tamara said...

Yay for new additions! (I'll be checking them out shortly!)

Amy & Becky - I hope you enjoy ridiculous comments. Because that's how I be rolling.

Glad to hear your big project is outta the way and you just have smaller ones to focus on now!

Amy said...

=) So pumped to be a part of the group! =) Tracking my progress this week, so i can keep ya informed!

Amanda said...

Awesome! I can't wait to hear an update from everyone! I love the variety in this group.


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