Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Introducing Training Tuesdays!

Hey friends!

So if you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen this tweet last week:


May 11th, I'll be running the Go Girl Half in Springfield, Missouri.

I've started a training plan loosely based on this one, though mine is a little different because of the conference I attended this past weekend and the two 5ks I was already registered for.

I know I've been posting about running/fitness a whole lot lately. This is going to put running on my mind even more. So what I've decided is to try to keep my main running talk on Tuesdays (although there may be other mentions here and there).

Thus, I am pleased to announce the beginning of Training Tuesdays! I'm hoping I'll post at least a small update each Tuesday (maybe a pit and peak for the week?), but also any other big topics that come up. That'll leave my other days of the week free for other topics.

Sound good? Good. Because you don't get a choice.

Aaand jumping into the very first post:

Workouts this week:
Tuesday, Feb. 5th: Ran four miles outside
Wednesday, Feb. 6th: Optional cross training day, but all I got in was a 1/2 hour walk on campus
Thursday, Feb. 7th: Rest day
Friday and Saturday, Feb. 8th and 9th: Was away at the conference. Rest days.
Sunday, Feb. 10: Rested. Lots of rest this week
Monday, Feb. 11th: Ran two miles outside

Pits of the week: Obviously, I had to take a whole lot of time off this week! It felt weeeird to get back to running yesterday. Hopefully those two miles were enough to wake up my legs, because today I've got a four-mile run planned!

Peaks of the week:
ONE. Last Tuesday I was running a normal route and decided to go off-roading. There's a lake down the road from our street that I think is part of the nearby golf course. I ducked the gate and ran on the path around the lake.

It was all hills.

Still, it was a nice break from my normal route and made the last mile go by suuuuper fast.

TWO. I'm consistently running at a faster pace. Just all of a sudden, my miles are in the 10 minute range instead of over 11 minutes. I'm okay with it. :)

So that's what this week has been like! I'm excited to log my training this way, especially once I start hitting eight, nine, ten miles! Even if no one else reads these, it'll be really great for me to look back at. So I'm excited.

Do you guys track your workouts? Do you journal about them? I know Holly just got a training journal. I'd love to hear what you all do!


Kate said...

Yay for keeping up a consistently faster time! My time is something that always frustrates me, so this time, I haven't really kept track of it at all. I've just been running to run.
But at some point, that's going to bite me in the tail. :P

I really want to start training for a half, but the one that is always in Knoxville is in less than 2 months. And I'm just hitting 3 miles consistently. Soooo I think I'm going to have to pass on that one. :P

Dara said...

I track stuff on runkeeper and dailymile. yup same stuff in 2 places cause i'm ocd, lol. I'm a bit behind on my speed training right now, but the only race I'm sure I have coming up is in may, so I guess I have time.

Tamara said...

I track mostly on Dailymile [but you know this already!] although, I do write down things on my printed out training plan [whenever I have one].

I like Training Tuesday, I'm just saying making it a link-up would be totally legit.

Yes on faster pace!! I'm happy for you - it's such a great feeling to see progress.

I'm excited for your upcoming half - you're going to kick its ass.

Also, is your 5k this weekend? Becuase I signed up for one too and we can totally run together in spirit!

Melissa (Freeing Imperfections) said...

Love this! Somehow I missed your tweet?!?! Good for you, girl! It'll be great!

I think it's a great idea to have a weekly post about a topic you like to cover a lot of territory in. I also love the "pit" and "peak" concept for highs and lows.

Looking forward to reading more Training Tuesdays :)


Breenah said...

I signed up for a 5K (untimed) in May, so keep the posts coming!

Amy said...

Super excited for yoU! I'm wanting to get back into running. The weather here has been horrible (raining for three days straight, seriously no break at all) AND i busted up my toe. Once these things are healed and out of hte way, i'm waking my arse up early to get back into it!
You're inspiring girl!

Ech and Will said...

Wooo! Go you!

Katrin said...

You absolutely rock, girl! I need to search for my running shoes today! Thanks for motivating me!


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