Wednesday, February 20, 2013 glasses review

Hey friends!

If you're a regular blog reader, I'm sure you've seen them elsewhere -- Firmoo glasses. It seems like everyone and their dog is getting Firmoo glasses these days.

Firmoo emailed me a while back asking to cooperate on a blog review (aka send me free glasses and I'd review them). I don't wear prescription glasses, so I didn't pay much attention until my sunglasses broke. So then I emailed back. OF COURSE I want free sunglasses! I've made a video blog (my first vlog!) but if you can't check it out, I've also written out pretty much what I talked about below. :)

Please excuse (or enjoy) the section where I sound like I'm in witness protection. :)

My shopping experience:
Firmoo had TONS of frames to choose from, and I definitely had a hard time deciding. I even went to Twitter for advice.

I couldn't initially figure out how to choose sunglasses instead of prescription glasses, but I emailed customer service and they responded SUPER fast -- always a good thing in a company! I ended up getting 60% shaded, blue-lens sunglasses.

My glasses:
I ended up with these fun blue and yellow sunglasses:

I have to say -- I was a bit disappointed when my glasses came and one of the ear pieces wasn't attached! But the tiny screw was there, just loose, and I was able to easily reattach the "arm" with the kit Firmoo provided with my glasses. Edited to add: the ear piece has broken off again. Haven't had the time to fix it yet. They also came with a free case (to protect them from getting broken like my last pair!) and a polishing cloth and a neat bag.

The sunglasses aren't as great against the sun as others I've had in the past, but I'm not sure if that's because I only got 60% or if it's because I got blue. Next time I'll probably go with a higher shading percentage and maybe brown or grey.

My verdict:
I liked Firmoo! I loved all their options and am hoping to get another pair of sunglasses from them soon.

If any of you all are looking to try out Firmoo, they have a special -- get your first pair free! Definitely worth a try. :)

Have any of you gotten glasses from Firmoo? Any other reasonably-priced glasses companies I should try?

As previously mentioned, I was compensated to post this (with my free glasses!) but the opinions are definitely my own. I appreciate you guys for not hating me for posting about commercial products :) I'm just happy to share this experience!


Katrin said...

It was sooo awesome to hear you talking! I love your voice and you are soooo cute! And the glasses you got are really cute! I need to look for some new glasses too!

Tamara said...

I freaking died when you went Witness Protection on us. Haha.

Yay for your first vlog! I was contacted by Firmoo but I didn't realize you could get sunglasses [I kind of ignored it since I don't wear actual glasses].

I'm loving the blue!

Shauna said...

Ahahah the witness protection part was hilarious!

Kate said...

I'm with Tamara and Shauna, The witness protection part was priceless! I had looked away from the screen for a second and was like, 'Wait! What just happened?! Oh.. that's still Abbey."
And is it weird for me to think that your voice sounds exactly how I imagined it? I'm not sure why I imagined what your voice sounded like. But I did. And it was pretty spot on. I'm not sure what that says about me.

I'm actually waiting for my glasses from Firmoo as we speak. I picked them out at the end of January, but since mine are prescription with a different strength in each eye.. it's taking a while. I still don't even have a tracking number yet. Butttt.. I'm hoping to get them soon!

Amy said...

LOVE them!
I actually just got an offer from firmoo to do the same thing, i'm going to do it and i was trying to decide if i wanted to do sunglasses or regular glasses. i think i'm going to do sunglasses. any tips?

Genna said...

I seriously died when your voice changed. Cam walked in and was like, "She sounds like one of those people on TV who get theirs faces blurred!"

Melissa (Freeing Imperfections) said...

That's cool that you got to review these! I like the the company supports helping poor/low-income people get their vision needs met. Speaking of vision needs, I need to reading glasses BADLY. Thanks for the reminder!

Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

I probably going to get another pair of glasses to have. :) and you are too cute. But you know that. I love your voice. I need to do a vlog but I'm so scared. Haha.

Alex Mart said...

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Summer Ramirez said...

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Optickart said...

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