Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My 10k training plan + why I like training plans

Hey friends!

Now that I've shared how I started running, I thought I'd share my 10k training plan with you! I realize a lot of you have zero interest in running, so feel free to skip this post. No hard feelings. :)

I finished this plan this past Sunday. When I picked this plan, all I really knew was that I wanted a new plan for a farther distance. I arbitrarily picked a 10k, which is 6.2 miles (not knowing there was such a thing as an 8k) and started googling training plans.

I found the one I'm used here. I did the beginner plan. (I won't post the whole thing because I figure there might be some kind of copyright on it.)

It's a seven-week plan. Basically, the plan starts out pretty slowly -- If you've just finished Couch to 5k or can run 20ish minutes, you might even be able to skip to halfway through the second week. I hadn't been running regularly, so I started at the beginning, but added time when I felt capable.

It was definitely challenging, but, like Couch to 5k, not impossible. Sometimes it's scary (running four miles for this plan was the first time I'd EVER run four miles!). But it's definitely been doable. Edited to add: I'm gonna be honest, the last run was hard as hell. But I made it.

This was also the first plan I've done that has the short runs during the week and a long run per week style, which I've heard other runners talk about. I liked it. I also didn't stick strictly to the days they prescribe. I moved my runs around during the week to accommodate the weather and my schedule.

So there it is. Use it if you'd like. I like it.

Now, onto why I like training plans

I started running in May of 2012 on an eight-week plan that lasted pretty well through the summer. Somehow I kept running into August -- not sure what exactly I was running. I finally did my first 5k in September.

And then I pretty much stopped running.

And then I ran a horrendous-feeling 5k in October.

And then I pretty much stopped running.

I had started grad school, which for me also entails a 30-hour-a-week internship. I had moved in with my bf. Life just got busy.

But I didn't want to stop running, thus my search for a new training plan.

I like training plans because they hold me accountable. I love coming home from a run and highlighting it to prove I've done it. And the idea that next week builds on this week is motivating to me. I understand that if I don't run my four miles this week, there's not a snowball's chance in a cat scanner that I'm going to be able to run five miles next week.

Those two simple things -- checking a run off the list and knowing that it enables me to run next week -- keep me motivated. So I love training plans.

I wonder what I'll do next. If training plans continue to be my motivation, does that mean my distance will keep increasing and increasing? I'd love to do a half marathon, but don't know if I really have any desire to run a full marathon.

Right now, I'm trying out some speedwork. I just signed up for a 5k in February and I'd like to see how fast I can run it. I'll keep you updated, I'm sure! (whether you like it or not!)

What about you all? Whether running is your gig or you have another fitness love -- what keeps you motivated?


Tamara said...

I based my 10k program off of the same one you used! I really enjoy the shorter distances during the week and focusing on one long distance for the weekend.

I think you allowing yourself to be flexible within the plan really helps too.

I'm super proud of you Abs! You are going to rock the heck out of your 5k in February!

Sara said...

You are awesome. It's great that you make up these plans and stick to them to hit your goals. I can't wait to get started on my own 5k plan!! :-)

Jordan said...

You are awesome! I can't do long runs due to my lovely ankles unfortunately. You are an inspiration, keep it up!

Kate said...

I've never really tried out an actual running plan, but I've been considering it lately. I might just have to look back into it soon.

And I had a conversation with Michael just this weekend about how I'd love to be able to do a half marathon. And maybe one day randomly decide I want to do a full marathon. But at the moment? I really don't have any desire for a marathon! I'm not even sure why. It just doesn't really sound like fun, I guess. :P

Melissa (Freeing Imperfections) said...

I couldn't agree more with your thoughts. I have had no training plan since after my half-marathon, and my running has been so random and stuff. When I used a plan for my half training, I did it perfectly (most of the time). I love seeing a schedule and just knowing that my runs are planned out for me. Not having a plan is so confusing to me.

I really want to start another training plan even though I'm not running a race soon. But it's really hard for me to commit to running 5 miles next Tuesday when the weather could shift so much. I guess I need to get friendly with the dreadmill...

Katrin said...

You are so awesome, I really admire you!
My plan is to start running tomorrow, we will see how that works out!


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