Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What home means to me -- Home for the Holidays link up

Hey friends!

So I totally meant to link up yesterday and show you where I live now.

That didn't happen.

So then I was going to do it today at lunch. But then I forgot my phone at home today and don't have the pictures I took...


I can definitely tell you what home means to me, which is today's topic. Linking with Katie and Holly!

This is what home means to me right now.

When I get home from work or class, I am usually exhausted. I climb the stairs up to my room, plop down all my stuff and see this friendly face. And the relief of being home, where I can be myself, where I can put on sweatpants and climb into my bed -- the relief is enormous.

Even when I still have to do homework, I don't have to have my gameface on anymore and worry about having the right answer or impressing the right person.

Home means being me. Home means laying in bed with Pat and watching football or Big Bang theory or reading about Higher Education while he plays video games.

Home means eating dinner early or late so we can eat together.

Home means playing cards almost once a week and the thrill of winning a game.

Home means grilling during football season and lots of blankets and hot chocolate in cold weather.

Home means brushing our teeth together every night before bed.

Home means getting to sleep next to the guy I love (almost) every night.

But I am also a girl with two homes.

Going home home a fire in the fireplace and a puppy on my lap.

My parents' home means seeing my little sister become a real adult person with talents and opinions and intelligence you wouldn't believe.

It means going for walks with Mom and Chewy. It means sitting on the front porch with Dad and watching Lucy run around.

My Missouri home means listening to Grandma tell the same story she told ten minutes ago. It means giving Grandma her night medicine and a glass of water, no ice. It means reminding Grandma who I am, and no Emily's not married, and yes, I graduated college.

It means a room full of high school memories, very close to how I left it, and a closet full of books, journals and prom dresses.

It means wearing my dad's hoodie because I never remember to pack mine.

It means spaghetti and garlic bread and feeding all my college friends as we pass through on a roadtrip. It means a safe place for friends, no matter what they look like, where they come from, or who they love.

It means lasagna and puzzles on snow days. It means opening homemade Disney stockings and presents on Christmas morning.

Home means being me with the people I love.

What does home mean to you?


Katie said...

I love that you have two places to call home. Oh, and you and Pat are just the cutest.

Amanda said...

I totally understand the whole home is with the people I love. Although, I constantly have a hard time with defining home and knowing where my home is because it's torn at times. I'm glad you are able to eloquently put it into words :)

Anonymous said...

Equal opportunity home. :) For the young, the misfits, the old and addled. Hey-which one is me?

Anonymous said...

Oh! Forgot to mention, you are fortunate that you learned the gameface and that you need to impress certain people. I don't think that dawned on me until I was 47 years old. Good job!

Tamara said...

Aww, your two homes look & sound amazing!

Also, I'm totally coming over for spaghetti one day.

Amy said...

<3 loved this. seriously!

Amanda said...

This is soo sweet. I loved the beginning part about putting on sweat pants, because that's where I feel most at home haha

Katrin said...

Love this post! You are soooo sweet! Home means for me being able to be myself and spending time with the people and pets I love!


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