Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Literary junkie link up

I found a linkup and I'm jumping on this bandwagon. Mostly because if I don't, I won't post anything today. (Work holiday party + taking Pat to the airport + driving three hours home home).

By the Porchlight

1. What are you currently reading? Tell us about it.
I'm about 50ish pages into Reached by Ally Condie. It's the third installment of the Matched series. I loved the first book, liked the second book, and am having a hard time getting into the third, but I think it's because I've been so distractable. I'm hoping winter break will give me the perfect chance to really dig in!
The Matched trilogy is about Cassia, a girl who lives in a future society that controls citizens lives very much, from their jobs to whom they marry to how many children they can have. Typical dystopian. The first book, Matched, kicks off when Cassia is matched to be married to her lifelong bff Xander. But through a technological glitch, Cassia gets a glimpse at a different future the Society never had planned for her. And she starts to wonder, what if she pursues that alternate future?

And this might be the only time I'll ever answer this question with only one book because I finished my audiobook on the way to work and currently don't have one going on my phone.

2. If you could choose any author in the world to write a story based on your life, who would you choose to be the author? Why?
Well, my favorite author is Sarah Dessen. So maybe her. But I think it would be really, really fun to have Ellen Degeneres write my life story. Mostly because I might get to hang out with Ellen Degeneres.

3. Tell us about your favorite place to read.
Haha well lately I suppose my answer is in the car. Ya'll know I do a lot a lot of my reading via audiobooks. I discovered my love for audiobooks when I was commuting 40+ minutes each way to and from work, but I've kept it up even though now I only drive 15ish minutes to work because I missed it so much.

If I'm actually reading a physical book, my favorite place is probably my parents' house in front of the fireplace. :)

4. What books would you buy for lovers of a) suspense/mystery, b) chicklit, c) comedy, d) literary fiction, e)nonfiction, f) classics?
Well I don't actually read all of these categories. So, I'm not going to guarantee that any of these are the BEST of the genre. But here's some I like of some of these? That's the best I can do. :)


Review here


(what does that even mean? I'm going to combine this with classics... because I guess I don't know the difference?)

Review here

And of course, I'm adding a couple categories :)


Review here


Review here

Review here

Review here

I actually just today met my goal of reading 60 books this year! Woohoo! I know many people read more, but for a while I didn't think I'd make it to 60, so I'm excited. 

Are any of you literary junkies too? :)


Kate said...

Yay link up! I joined the online book club last month. Much fun.

I've read Matched, but that's it. I just recently submitted a book order for school that included Crossed and Reached. Can't. wait.
And I've already got Delirium down for my next order!

And your book choices? Phenomenal, of course.

Shauna said...

So many great books on this list!! I still need to finish the book thief...

Kaileigh said...

Wow! You are a literary junkie! I wish I had read 60 books this year. Bossypants is on my list to read.

Breenah said...

Your blog is bookmarked under "To Read". I was bookmarking individual posts, but you have SO many good books.

Amy said...

freaking a. i want to read reached
i LOVED LOVED LOVED Matched, crossed was alright, pretty good actually...but i can't wait to re-read the first two and then FINALL read the third haha.

Dara said...

I'm going to be linking up to this one too. :)
I've read a few Sarah Dessen books liked them!

Genna said...

I finished Reached like two days after it was released! Not because it was all that spectacular, but just because I had to know how the story ended.

Amanda said...

Okay, I really need to get on board with this Matched series...I've heard so much about it!

Ech and Will said...

I always get the best book recommendations from you! I put the Matched series on my to read list.

Katrin said...

So many book recommendations! Yay! Thank you for sharing! And I definitely want to listen to more audio books!

Katie said...

I love this! I really want to read that series but haven't quite gotten around to it. Plus, love your recommendations. Lots of additions to my reading list :)


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