Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Thoughts [10.4.12]

Hey friends! Linking up with Sar for Thursday Thoughts!

I'll be getting a new iPhone soon. Not the new iPhone. Just a new-to-me iPhone 4. And guys, I'm really excited. I can't stop thinking about all the apps I can finally get! I know I'll get Twitter, Instagram, MyFitnessPal, etc... but are there any do not miss apps you all recommend?

I also already bought a BRIGHT blue case for it. :)

I had a paper due today. I was about finished with it by Monday night -- just needed to do some citations and the conclusion. Then Tuesday my prof sent out a rubric. With alllll kinds of stuff not in my paper. Two days before it was due.

This is our Midterm, people. Kind of important.

So there were tears of frustration in my house Tuesday night. But the paper is done, turned in, over and I am ready to moooove on.

Because no post is complete without a picture, here's one of my dream dog:

                                                                  Source: via Abbey on Pinterest

and here's a low-quality-because-I-cropped-it picture of my little sister and our dog Chewy when he was in the cone of shame:

Aaaaaaah makes me laugh every time. Poor Chewy!

I didn't realize I was stressed and tired until I ended up crying Tuesday night. But. This weekend is fall break here at KU, aka a four-day weekend. I will be
     + Running a 5k with Pat
     + Going to my friend Kayley's bachelorette party!!!! in Kansas City
     + Camping with Pat? to celebrate our anniversary. Still not sure this will happen... boyfriend               REFUSES to make plans!
     + Sleeping and eating and reading and sleeping.

I think it's just what I need.

Any big weekend plans out there? It's almost here!


riana. said...

Sounds relaxing and like a lot of fun!

New phones are always exciting!!! I'm due for an upgrade soon too!

Ohh and I checked my apps & I reccomend words with friends, tetris, postal pix, & sound hound. :)

Anonymous said...

I want Twitter too--do you have to pay for that one? That is one of the reasons I wanted to upgrade phones, and also for the calorie counting--is that the app you used--my fitness pal? Last--you want a bulldog!? We've wanted one for a long time--they fart a lot, just saying.

Katie said...

YAY LONG WEEKEND! Hope you get to decompress and have a good time :)

I'm a tweeter and an instagramer and besides that I have no apps, so when you find good ones, you just let me know too haha.

Ahd seriously THAT DOG so cute. Plus, there are few things funnier than a dog in a cone. Hilarious.

Sara said...

Have a fantastic long weekend! :-) Sounds like you need it after the paper debacle. I had a similar situation with my previous photography course. It was beyond frustrating, and I think I lost a lot of hair from the whole ordeal.

Enjoy your new iPhone!!! I used to have one, but then I became the biggest idiot on the planet and swapped it for a Droid. The Droid is fine and does the job, but I do miss the iPhone. The apps you listed are definitely good ones!

Melissa said...

So excited for your phone haha. I got a 4s in December & LOVE IT. Money well spent, worth every cent!

Favorite Apps:
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, FB

Cuptakes - has cute wallpaper for your phone.

Around Me is cool. If you're somewhere in town, and are looking for a restaurant or a certain store, you can use that app to tell you the nearest location.

Shazaam is pretty cool, too, though i don't use it regularly. But if you hear a song you like and are like, "who is that?" you can use shazaam & it'll tell you the name of the song & the artist!

Diptic - You can make pic collages.

Hope that helps! :)

Lin said...

Oh my gosh,that is the cutest dog ever!


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