Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Thoughts [10.25.12]

Hey friends!

Checking in with some things I've been thinking about this week. :)

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard that Pat and I went on a date yesterday!
I snagged a Groupon for a local burger joint (with GREAT veggie options!) and we got aaaaall this food (a $22.18 value)

for $7.18!!

It was too much, though. We should have each gotten a side of fries instead of a basket. Oh well. You live and learn. Also, check out all those condiments! They included everything from Cocoa Catsup to Marshmallow Sauce! I think our favorite was the Guinness Wheat Mustard. :)

After eating we walked the street a bit to Waxman Candles and picked out a fall-scented candle. Good date day!

A liiiiittle bit more boyfriend cheesiness then I'll stop, kay? Kay. Feel free to skip ahead :)

Today is Thursday. Which means as of 7 pm Pat and I will both be done with our classes for the week.

I love Thursdays because every other evening we're busy with class, club meetings, and homework. On the weekends we typically hang out with friends. But Thursdays it's almost always just us. Pat goes to work at 10:30 and works overnight, so we hang out from the time I get home from class till he leaves and I love it.

Tonight we'll be drinking hot chocolate and watching Big Bang Theory. Hooray!

Did I just say hot chocolate?

Yes, yes I did.

Because overnight, it dropped a whopping 30 degrees in Kansas. Yesterday's high was 86. Today's is an optimistic 55.

I need me a winter coat, friends.

This week and next week I'll be advising students. I've only just started talking in the meetings -- early this week I just sat in and listened, but now I'm explaining things with my supervisor there for clarification. Next week, I'll be on my own. Eeep! Think good thoughts for me, friends!

I'm going home this weekend!

Excited to see this face:
And this one:

And my family too, I guess. ;)

Do you guys have any weekend plans? I hope it's thrilling, exciting or relaxing -- just what you need!


Katie said...

YUM those fries.

I've been having hot chocolate daily this week (even though today is in the 80s. ick.). It just makes me think fall/winter and it's so cozy and delicious. Never too early for hot chocolate in my opinion!

Sara said...

Hot chocolate sounds glorious! Illinois is supposed to dip in temperature tonight, so I forsee hot chocolate in my weekend forecast.

You and Pat are adorable. :-)

Shauna said...

Abbey, I don't think you have enough dipping sauces!

Katie said...

^^I agree with Shauna. Don't you think you could use at least 25 more? Heee.

Also, yay for quality time with your love. I always look forward to ours.

Annnnd, our weather like turned overnight. I went from wearing summer clothes to needing a freaking heated blanket! What the crap?! No easy transition? Nope. No mercy. :)

Genna said...

Ohio weather is being a brat, too. We hit about 80 today (almost a record for the northern parts this time of year!) and tomorrow is gonna be
And the two of you should stop being so damn cute. Really though, I love your simple dates and the hot chocolate plus Big Bang? Priceless.

Kate said...

I want those fried in. my. belly.

And I want to squeeze those sweet little puppy faces. Oh man.

Tamara said...

Yay for dates! It's so easy to get sucked into the "let's just stay home and do nothing" stage of a relationship. I'm pretty sure lately Groupon & LivingSocial are the only reasons we've left the house. No complaints here!

Hot chocolate & Big Bang Theory - YES PLEASE! It's dropped by a good 20 - 30 degrees here in Texas overnight so its about 55 right now and it is glorious.

Good luck on the advising students - I always feel like I do a better job since I'm closer to age than some of my counterparts - you're going to do awesome!

Amy said...

dang that is A LOT of food!!!!!!
But that is awesome!
Alsoooo YAY for date nights.


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