Monday, October 22, 2012

This weekend I... [10.22.12]

Hey friends! Linking up with Sar and Syndal again! :)

This weekend I celebrated boyfriend's birthday quietly, watching Holiday Inn Friday night, letting him watch football all day Saturday (his actual birthday) while I went to a wedding, then coming home just in time to see the Beavers get another W Saturday night.

Photo by the AP. via 
This weekend I went to my friend's wedding, driving four hours in the process (2.25 hours each way). But oh, it was gorgeous! And look at these centerpieces/favors! Cowbells!
You might also notice the bride's cousin in the background. She's a blur of waving cowbells.

I also got to see Katie, my former roommate, at the wedding. 

This weekend I got to see the most beautiful sunset as I drove home from the wedding.

This weekend I cringed and hid while Pat chased this bug around our room. I'm not scared of bugs typically, but he kept landing on our bed, where I thought I would squash him, or landing on the wall right behind my head, where I feared he would fall into my hair. Pat made friends with him and named him Cal.

This weekend I started a new DIY project. Here's a sneak peek!

My weekend was a blur! My whole Saturday was dominated by getting ready for/driving to and from/attending the wedding, but it was well worth it to see my friend marry her best friend!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Sar said...

1) You are SLAMMIN' in that dress at the wedding, Abbey!
2) Can't wait to see the finished DIY project! Love that song.
3) Cowbells?! Bwaaahahaha adorable, although I bet it was crazy annoying at the wedding.

Happy Monday!

Megan Wait said...

Those sunsets are breathtaking!

Katie said...

You are so pretty! Your project is amazing. Oh and the bug, in the hair? That's a no-no. I think I can handle bugs okay (unless they're deadly spiders) unless they get in my hair!

Brianne said...

Love the centerpiece!

lil desiqua said...

Bugs... EW! I hate when I find any in the bedroom... that's about the only time I freak out! The cowbells are an awesome touch! And you are so sweet to let him relax all day! My bf's birthday is next Saturday. I think we're just going out to dinner with a few friends.

Kate said...

I'm totally in love with your dress in that picture!
And I love when I find out that I'm not the only one that names everything. Michael once had a huge spider outside his apartment that we named Larry. We still talk about him quite often. Hope Cal made it out ok! :P

Veronica Lee Burns said...

wow that truly is an astonishing sunsets! I love the sky!

Danavee said...


Katie said...

AH! I can't wait to see the end result of that project! Also, I think I need a little more cowbell. :)

Jackie said...

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Katie @ My Darling Days said...

ahhh, we have those crazy bugs everywhere!! when it gets real warm on these fall days, they just line the outside of our patio door. and a few have made it in the house, YUCK!!

Sara said...

That picture of Pat with the bug..ahem...I mean hysterical!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress you wore to the wedding!! You look gorgeous!

Tamara said...


Also, you are rocking that dress - super cute!

I'm way excited to see where this new DIY project goes - I'm already LOVING it... you're totally hitting the crafting bug in me [and his name is not Cal].

Syndal said...

oh my gosh...I have a fever..and the only cure is...more cowbell!! haha funny..but probably super loud!

Can't wait to see that DIY!


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