Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Running advice part two

Do you guys run solo or with someone?

Ever since I started running for real, I've run by myself. Even in my 5k!

But I'm about to run my second race, and Pat is signed up with me. And it makes me a little anxious. What if I'm faster? What if I'm slower even though I've trained and he hasn't?

I'm especially nervous about that. I've joked all along that he'd beat me without training at all, and guys... he really might. I haven't been able to run much lately and he's... well... he's good at everything!

But I guess I just really don't know the etiquette of running with someone else. Are we supposed to talk? Do we still listen to music?

Part two of running advice part two:
It's supposed to be really cold Saturday. Like, a high of 55, and we're running early in the morning.

I've never run in the cold. I started running in May, right before summer heat.

Do you guys have any recommendations of what to wear for cold runs?

This also makes me anxious because I've heard never to run in new clothes on race day, and I won't have an opportunity to run in cold-weather clothes before Saturday.


I'm basically a big ball of nerves. I have been counting on a slower run than my first race for a while just because the course is hillier, but now I feel like a million factors are piling up against me and I'll end up walking half the dang race.

So. Any advice?

Thanks loves.


Sarah Grace said...

i love running by myself, it's my me-time!
and for running in the cold,,,just remember that you will warm up as you start running, so wear layers, but don't layer up too much because then you'll be miserable!

have a lovely wednesday!
xo, sarah grace

Amy said...

Oh yay for another race! :)
I completely understand (and would have) your fear about racing with my half-marathon that i'm doing (in oh my gosh like 4 weeks) i'm with a we shall see how that goes.
I'm with Sarah, don't layer as much just because you'll warm up and will definitely get hot as you start going. I would suggest some running pants (the tight ones?) with a tank and maybe a light long sleeve shirt you could strip off if you need to.

Ech and Will said...

To me you're such a huge rockstar for getting out there and doing races. So no matter how you do, know that someone admires you.

Personally, the rare time that I run I like to do it on my own. If the mister is with me we start off together and branch off and do our own runs. Sure I run longer and faster when I run with a buddy, but I'm too self conscious. Am I breathing too loud? Am I running straight? Is it painfully obvious that my heart and lungs are about to explode?

Amanda Schroeder said...

I love running by myself but I feel safer if I'm outside to run with a partner. There's lots of scary stuff that could happen, yo! Be careful. Carry your pepper spray! haha. I listen to music when I run with someone! Anndndd I'll wear spandex pants with a tank top because even though it's cold, you'll get hot during a long run! Good job on your 5K! That's awesome!

Amanda at WeandSerendipity

Charlotte said...

I LOVE running alone. I can't do it with others.

I can't run and talk either- but I think running with someone else is good to set a pace and to encourage one another! I have a pair of long pants that are pretty much legging that I like to run in. They come to my ankles but I have another pair that come to my knees. The longer pair are Reebok and the other are from Target. I've never had trouble running in new clothes on race day! I also have a long sleeve shirt I layer for races. It is really lightweight. I don't like sweatshirts or hoodies. Too heavy!

Good luck!!!

riana. said...

gosh i have so many answers to your questions, I'm gonna apologize in advance if it's a novel.
My exbf and i used to run races all the time together, we ran our first 5k together and then after that decided we just needed to run our own race, especially cause he's faster than I am. (once though when he wasn't feeling well i almost beat him)

In response to your question about talking or not, I guess it depends on how serious the race or run is...if it's a race I never talk too much cause I'm running at a faster pace and I'm very competitive so I'm trying to pass people. If it's just relaxing then yea you can have a small convo going.

For cold runs I usually just wear a long sleeve shirt unless its like freezing cause after you start warming up you get really hot and a sweater just makes you hotter.

I've never heard anything about not running in new clothes on race day only about running in new shoes because they could give you blisters.

good luck, I'm so excited for you!

Tamara said...

I don't normally run with anyone else, usually it's just me and my music. But a couple years ago I forced a friend of mine to do a 5k with me and I brought my music, but didn't use it. We ended up talking/complaining the whole time. It was a lot of fun, but not something I'd do all the time.
I'm actually going to do this again [with a friend who is faster than me!] this Saturday.
I think the thing is when running with someone else - that someone is going to have to speed up a bit and osmeone is going to have to slow down some - and as long as you both realize that you're good.
I've ran races before with friends who've just walked it and we always made sure we knew what our expectations were for it.
For the cold - maybe wear capri running pants or long pants, a regular shirt and like arm sleeves. You can totally make a pair out of old tube socks so your arms aren't that cold and then toss them afterwards.
But the thing with cold weather is they say you'll increase your body heat by like 15 degrees or so, so I bet once you start going it will feel like the perfect temperature.
And now, I will end my novel with - you are SO going to kick Pat's butt. I gots faith. :)

Tamara said...

OH and if you have ear muffs that might help. I have a pair that are camo so no one can see how cold my ears are when I run. [ba-dah-bing ba-dah-boom]

Jess @ Blonde Meets World said...

I usually like running with someone because it makes me feel safer and helps motivate me.

When I ran a 5K with my boyfriend and 2 friends, we all started together and then branched off. At first I was worried about not keeping up with them, but then after a little bit I didn't care about that at all. I just focused on what I was doing instead of worrying about them, which, I think helped me do better.

As far as what to wear I definitely recommend layers. Esp if they're layers you don't mind losing in case you want to take them off but not keep them with you (i.e. I wore gloves once and just threw them on the side of the route because it was too much of a pain to carry them. Side note, I knew they would be picked up after so it wouldn't be litter!). And A hat!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

well first off, i think you're pretty awesome cuz your actually running! i dream in my head of being a runner and never actually try. oh, and for the record, my husband weighs twice as much as me AND he has asthma AND he can out run me any day. sad, I know :(

Jules said...

Abbey sounds like we are in the same boat! Theron signed up to run the half with me. Needless to say he has trained half as much and is probably twice as fast. A positive is that I improve my pace Everytime I run with him because I am trying to keep up! As for the cold...I'm with ya our Saturday race is early morning and we just got the brisk fall air. Not sure how to layer properly.


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