Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts [9.6.12]

Linking with Sar for Thursday Thoughts!

1. I like to send mail. Always, but especially when I know someone is having a bad week. Sometimes I see that someone is going through a hard time on their blog and I want to be like, hey, what's your address so I can send you something?

But then I realize how creepy that is and don't.

(if you wouldn't get creeped out by this, you should let me know so that if I ever have the urge to send you something I won't feel creepy...)

2. Also, sometimes in emails, I want to be like, Hey, have a great weekend! But then I feel like that cuts them off. Like maybe they would have kept the conversation going except that I told them to have a great weekend or night or whatever, which implies that I don't expect to hear from them till after their great night or weekend.

3. Obviously I overthink things sometimes.

4. Here's a picture from last weekend's football game (first of the season!). I really really like this picture, even though it's just an iPhone pic and those guys in the background look way intense.

We won! (the game, that is, which is kind of rare for KU football) But I'm already not sure if I want to go to the game this weekend. Sure, they're fun... for the first half. And then I get tired of standing and hungry and hot. And I just don't know if I want to dedicate five hours to the game. (I'm glad I go to KU. If I said that in Nebraska or Alabama or somewhere else, I think they'd kick me out!)

5. Other than the potential football game this weekend, we don't have a whole lot planned. I'm working on a surprise adventure for Pat (woo!) and I'll go to Zumba on Sunday, but hopefully this weekend should be a bit more low-key than last weekend. Which is exactly what I need.

Hope you're all having a wonderful short week! Happy almost weekend, friends!


Genna said...

I think snail mail is a lost art. I still get excited when I get mail (not so excited if it's a bill) but I love it! Glad I'm not the only one :) Oh and I overthink things too, no worries :)

Sara said...

I get excited when I get mail, and I still love to send it out! So, no, I don't think you're creepy at all for wanting to send it out. ;-) Snail mail is so personable in my opinion.

You lasted longer than I would have at the game. In High School, I was in the flag squad for marching band, and we would have to sit through the first half of the football game, which was absolute torture. Then, we would have to perform at half time. A lof of people would go back to the game. Me, on the other hand, high tailed it out of there and decided to eat pizza instead. Good times!

Kate said...

I loooove snail mail. And I totally agree about the awkwardness trying to get an address. But it looks like you've figured out the best way :P

And yeah, I'm pretty sure you'd be kicked out of Univ of TN if you didn't plan to dedicate yourself to every game. :P

Sar said...

Snail mail's my fave!

Also, I don't watch BU games at the stadium. Gross sweaty people in a stadium all together? No thanks. I usually go to a local pub and watch it there. Much better!

Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

I love love snail mail. :). I love when people have swaps on blogs because it is so cool. :). I used to get a lot of when I first got to school now nothing.

The football thing I am from BAMA and I love football games but yes it is too hot right now. So I just tailgate and I can hear the game from my room since I go to a small college. I love watching it on the tv more. Haha

Yeah for suprise adventure for Pat. :) Ans yeah for Zumba! :)

Claire said...

I've always loved snail mails and I would absolutely love it if someone sends me one.

Sometimes I'm just like you though. I'm tempted to send something but am afraid that it would freak the other person out.

Katie said...

Yay overthinkers! (I am one too :))

Also I would not be creeped out if you tried to send me things because I like you.

That picture is super cute. And I can't decide if the guys in the background look intense or like they're going to make out. Toss up.

Ech and Will said...

I feel the same way about snail mail! It's fun to send and receive mail...but it's also really awkward asking for someone's address if you don't know them in real life.

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, your #1 & #2 are ME. Haha. I LOVE snail mail & still send it but i do the same thing w/ bloggers whose addresses i don't have! I actually do that with things i see, like one blogger loves owls & if i see something cute with an owl on it, i'm like "she would LOVE that...i should get it for her... oh wait... i don't have her address... and we're not that close as far as bloggers go yet... i might creep her out. Nevermind!" HAHA!

Kristen said...

Snail mail is the absolute best! And I agree, after the first half, I'm usually done with football games. haha

Tamara said...

You totally have found the perfect way to get people's addresses without coming off as a total creepster! You, my friend, are a genius!
[And yes, you can bet your tiny butt we're exchanging!]


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