Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Thoughts [9.27.12]

Hey friends! Another round of Thursday Thoughts with Sar :)

This weekend I'll be going on a retreat with the leadership program in my department at KU! It'll be 34 sophomores and juniors and I am PUMPED. (I almost wrote pimped, which would have been funny, but not correct.) On the agenda: s'mores, mafia, YAH, and more!

I just participated in a blog swap for fall! My sweet partner sent me these lovelies:

I've already used the hand lotion about 639127 times. I almost wore the earrings today, but then I changed my outfit. Womp womp. But soon!

Also, because fall is my favorite and snail mail is my other favorite and who doesn't love surprises and presents, I signed up for another fall swap over at Life of Meg! Sign up for this one is open till Tuesday (I believe) if you're interested!

These last couple of weeks seem to have been pretty hard on everyone. I've seen a lot of bloggers say they have a lot on their mind or are burnt out or need prayers.

If this is you, keep on keepin on! You'll make it through. Promise.

If things are going well for you, maybe you can cheer someone else up? :) Spread the blogger love!

My anniversary with Pat is coming up. I asked him over the summer if he wanted to do presents or an adventure and he picked adventure. But we have planned nothing. Currently we're thinking we'll go camping? I asked him if he'd be bored without lots of other people there, because last time we went camping in a big group and I have this awful vision of us sitting in silence in a tent. But it could should will be fun, right? We like camping!

(if you have any other ideas, though, feel free to let me know :)

I like pretty sunsets :)

Happy almost weekend, friends!


Sar said...

Leadership retreats, blog swaps, and anniversaries, oh my! :)

Kate said...

I wish you had put "pimped". It would have made it that much better!

And there really does seem to be something in the air. I keep reading things about needing a break or prayers or whatever. And I kinda hit that wall earlier in the week, myself. But I know it's just work stress getting to me. :P

But yay for anniversaries and blog swaps!!

Sara said...

Have fun camping. :-) I'm not a camper at all. I'm always in fear that a bear will come to my campsite and steal my food or eat my face off... (even though I am in Central IL and there are NO is what it is ;-) )

What kind of lotion is that? I'm always looking for new hand creams and lotions. :-)

Katrin said...

Wow, you got some great things from your swap partner! I signed up for a swap once, sent my package and never got something back. That was really disappointing!

Shauna said...

Hahah the first time Tim and I ever went camping alone we got so bored we left a day early!

Katie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

And thanks for #3, I am one of those and I will keep on keeping on! Thanks for thinking of us having a hard few weeks <3

I would love to go camping! The thought of taking a 1.5 year old in a tent though makes me panic. haha. Maybe set up a lot of hikes/take some games so you don't get bored?

Jess @ Blonde Meets World said...

Let me know what you think of those nail things. I've never used them before!

And I think camping would be awesome! Just bring lots of games - like UNO and stuff :)

Kat said...

Sounds like you have some great things going on!
I love blog swaps and looks like you got some great gifts. I am doing a mug swap at the moment which will be great.
I'm sure your camping trip will be brilliant. It's all about spending time together, right? Take some games and a list of things you have always wanted to know about each other. Have a great time x


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