Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Thoughts [9.20.12]

Hey friends! Linking up with Sar for Thursday Thoughts. I have a feeling this one will be short and sweet. Here's what's up.

I painted my nails this week. The polish was a freebie from a company that came to the KU career fair this week, so I didn't take a picture of me holding the bottle like what you'd find on Pinterest. But this is what it looks like:

How awkward is it to try to take a picture of your hands? Maybe that's why people started that whole holding the bottle thing.


I asked Pat what he thought of my red nails and he said they were "fancy-shmancy." :) I liked it.

I've been meaning to write more about what it's been like to move in with Pat, and to write about what it's like living with three boys. I'll get to it. But for now, here's a peek into my life, pretty much daily.

That's Pat. Playing Call of Duty. It happens a lot. Sometimes (a lot of the time) he plays with Sam and they yell back and forth between our bedrooms. Serious bromance, guys.

This weekend is going to be woah homework time. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have read that I bombed my first paper hardcore and have to rewrite it. I also have a paper due Tuesday and another one the following Thursday. Yikes. But Pat and I have plans for a study break to see Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Have any of you seen it? I'm excited.

Well, I think that's all folks. How are you all doing? It's almost the weekend!


Sar said...

I'm sorry you bombed your first paper (BOO!) but you're still amazing so don't worry.

I really want to see "For A Good Time, Call..." but they don't have it in Waco 'cuz we're not hipster enough. Wah wah.

<3 <3

Kate said...

I want to see that movie! You need to tell us how it is.

And major boo on bombing the paper (plus having more to do!). It happens to all of us at some point. But I have faith that you're going to totally destroy them.

Anonymous said...

I like the playing the video games yelling at each other from each bro's bedroom. That's funny. yo mama

Katie said...

Love your nails! And yesterday when I was trying to take a photo of my bracelet I was thinking the same thing, arms/hands are hard to take pictures of without them looking weird!

Let us know how the movie is, I've been wanting to see it too!

Sara said...

Cute nail color! :-)

The hubby plays video games, too. For awhile all I saw/heard were gun shots and western music from 'Red Dead Redemption." Awesome times.

Let us know how the movie is!!


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