Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I ran a 5k!

Hi friends!

Well, as you all probably know, I ran my first 5k yesterday! I've been training since mid May, when I started a modified version of the Couch to 5k plan. (Well, technically I finished the training schedule a while ago but I didn't run a race because I was scared to go alone.)

And yesterday I finally ran a 5k!

Before I tell you about the race, though, first I have to tell you about my dreams the night before.

All weekend I'd been planning to go to bed early Sunday night. In the end, I thought I was going to have to take a sleeping pill.

But eventually I did fall asleep.

Until the middle of the night when I woke up and removed the blanket from our bed (and from on top of Pat -- yup, the one he was currently using) because I thought it had fallen into a spider web behind our desk and had spiders on it. He asked me what I was doing and claims I said nothing about spiders or webs, but I'm sure my explanation was actually very logical and coherent.

Then I dreamed that my older sister Emily ran the same race as me and finished in 25 minutes and I was ANGRY at her.

So maybe I was a little anxious about running yesterday.

Anyway. I ran. Pat was nice and came to the race to cheer me on. :)

It felt harder than my normal runs, but I think it might be because I was unfamiliar with the route and couldn't gauge how I was doing.

I finished. I ran the whole time and did not get lost, which were my two big goals. And, my other goal was to finish under 40 minutes.

I finished at 33:41.8 :)

Here's some pictures!

After I ran and after he made me walk around a while :)
Finish line! :)
Any of you wanting to run a 5k?? I was not a runner at all before I started training, so this is pretty exciting for me :)

Have a great Tuesday, friends!


Brianna Tucker said...

That is awesome! I am running the COlor me Rad run in raleigh in october! I am so excited. I am not a runner but I cycle a few times a week at the gym so I will see how that corrolates!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

Congratulations! Glad you made it through! You encourage me, mine is in 2 weeks!

Kate said...

Still so excited for you! It always feels so good to finish a race.

I'm always that person that runs too fast in the beginning. I compare myself to others waaaay too much. And then I drag towards the end because I've gone faster than my normal pace.

So once I get my training back under control, I'm determined to run a race that is at my own speed and not compare myself to anyone... as long as it doesn't mean I come in last. :P

Amy said...

So proud of you!
It is always fantastic to accomplish something you've been working so hard towards.
I LOVED your spider dreams haha...and your sister. :)
Hilarious, its crazy how our minds work out stress.

Breenah said...

That is awesome :D

Shauna said...

Wooo! Way to go lady!!!! That's a great time! Are you going to do another?

I totally used to have spider nightmares all the time! Weird!

Genna said...

So proud of you! Congratulations friends :)

Sara said...

Congrats! That is beyond awesome! :-)

Tamara said...

You are amazeballs! So happy it went well for you and that Pat was able to be there cheering you on!
You're such a rockstar.

Cassy said...

That's so cool! Congrats!! I'm pretty sure I could NEVER finish in under 40 minutes...my body hates to run!

Jodi said...

Congrats to you! That is a great accomplishment!

Tristan said...

My dad is somewhat of a "well-known" runner in the running world, and I run races with him all the time! It's such an accomplished feeling, and it gets easier, I promise! Keep at it! :)

Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

Well I can't run so I walk. But I did my first walk 5K Monday!! :) it was the color run!! So much fun!! Look for a update on my blog about it soon!! I am so proud of you!! :)

Alyx said...


Good for you on finishing your 5k!

riana. said...

Goodness gracious! i havent been on blogger in a while but I am sooooo very proud of you!! congrats!!

if you run, you are a runner!!!


love the new blog design!!


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