Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I need your heeelp!

Hey friends!

I want to start drinking coffee. I'm super busy and super tired! I need the caffeine!

Only problem is I think it is naaaastay.

My mom says she started drinking coffee in grad school, though, and now she drinks it black. So I have hope!

Pat's been giving me some of his coffee, and I attempt to drink it with a ratio of 10% coffee 90% milk and sugar. But even that isn't working.

I'm thinking I should try one of those crazy flavory things.

Anyone have any tips or flavors I should try? Many thanks in advance!


Kate said...

I have always found that I like the liquids better than the powered creamers. Honestly, my favorites are the Starbucks syrup BUT the just sweeten it up, and so you still need to add milk to tone down the coffee.

For no real reason, I always found myself buying coffeemate instead of International Coffehouse creamers. But really, they're about the same.

The powder stuff has a much longer shelf life, but I just prefer the liquid. In my mind it tastes better (though it's still probably about the same).
I think you can never go wrong with french vanilla. It's good and sweet, yet simple. I'm a firm believer that you can never have too much vanilla. And the flavor just goes well with coffee. I also love any of the caramel-y flavors.

Generally, the seasonal ones like pumpkin or peppermint mocha are delicious, but you just don't wanna get hooked since they aren't always offered :P

Bee tee dubs, I love coffee. And I got my start with it by overly flavoring it. So there is hope.

Katie said...

I don't like the taste of coffee either but I need the caffiene to get me through some days.

I pour 3/4ths cup coffee, 1/4 french vanilla creamer and 2 packets of sugar. It's very sweet but I barely taste the bitter coffee.

Good luck!

Sara said...

I'm not a fan of coffee either, but I do dig the liquid creamers many awesome flavors. If you're a fan of caramel, I'd go with anything that has 'caramel' in the title! :-) Ooooh, or chocolate!

Katie said...

I am a coffee LOVER but I didn't start really drinking it until a few years ago. I started out with Starbucks fraps because for real that is barely coffee. Then went to caramel or french vanilla creamer (seriously, anything caramel and I love it). Now I just use a little sugar and a baby splash of milk. I crave it.

You could also try using a flavored coffee. Right now I'm drinking the Pumpkin Spice blend from Target (they should really pay me for how much I blab about it). That way it is already delicious before you even add anything!

Suze said...

I hate coffee, but I can take it with some vanilla flavored LIQUID creamer. Good luck!!

Breenah said...

Put some Hershey's chocolate syrup in it. That's the only way I got Jarrod to start drinking it. Now he likes it with cream and sugar.

Katie said...

Sadly, I'm no help either. My dad tried to help me get into it when I was in college the same way, but it never stuck. I can drink a Starbucks frappuccino with the best of them, but it's got like 2% coffee, 98% other good stuff. Lol

Leslie said...

I've never been a person who absolutely hates coffee.. but when I started drinking it I went with all of those flavorful creamers! The butter pecan ones are delicious, and now that it's fall you can get the spiced pumpkin which is so good! As you get more accustomed to drinking it you'll find yourself weening off of all of the cream and sugar :)

Amy said...

liquid over powder creamer ANY DAY.
Ummmm there is a york peppermint patty creamer that is amazing.
And there is a creme brulee that is INCREDIBLE...

Nicole said...

I use the Baileys Irish Cream... it's ahhhmazing

Dani @ Inspire Motivate Love said...

I love coffee. Honestly, hands down, love it. However, unless it's made in a french press, I can't drink it black. It's just not my thing.
My suggestion is to try different brands, and different roasts. Eventually, you will find a flavor that you're able to stomach.
Lighter or "blonde" roasts have less flavor, and then if you add in LIQUID creamer (I prefer coffee-mate over anything else) to your taste, you'll be able to choke it down :)
My favorite creamers are the Vanilla Caramel, and then seasonal flavors, like pumpkin, or just plain vanilla.
Good luck!

Cassy said...

I mean, you like what you like, and if you don't like coffee, maybe try one of those five hour energy shots?
Personally, I mostly only drink my coffee black, and I HATE powdered creamers. But, like another poster said, the liquid ones are much better (real is always better, right?)
And when I go for flavors, I always find that lighter flavors (like vanilla, hazlenut, etc.) taste more authentic than stronger ones, like chocolate.

Meghan said...

My go-to flavors are Caramel Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice and then New York Peppermint Patty :)

Anonymous said...

do you have any Dunkin Donuts up there? For some reason, their coffee blend is easy to start with--light (extra cream, flavored or not) and sweet. Also, if you try a mocha flavored ice cream it might prime you for the coffee flavor of coffee! :) I started on Dunkin Donuts brand.

Lin said...

Definitely use creamer. It's the only way I'll drink coffee. My suggestion would be to go with the classic french Vanilla & go with 60% creamer, 30% coffee :)


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