Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why the beach rocks my face off

Can we talk about how much I love Kate? I mean, seriously... she cracks me up every time she says anything. Thanks so much for guest posting, Kate! Friends, please remember to show her some love. :)

Hey everybody! I'm Kate from Begin Anyway. I'm sure you're like me and happen to be jealous that Abbey is at the beach. But I don't think that keeps me from loving her. I'm totally excited to be doing a guest post while she's gone! This is my first guest post ever, so... don't be too hard on me. :)

Ah, the beach. Is there really anything better? Sure, being an East Tennesseean, the mountains are one of the few things I love more than UT football. But the beach is irresistible.

And I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, Kate! I can’t stop thinking about your love for the beach. Please tell me more!”

I’d love to! So let’s just flesh it out a bit. [Ha. Flesh it out. Get it? You see a lot of flesh at the beach! Man, I crack myself up.]

1. Guilt-free books. I love not having to feel guilty about reading my book for hours each day. And I mean hours. And of all places to be, I think you can get away with reading the trashiest or most shallow books ever written while on the beach, and I don’t think anyone will judge you!

2. People watching. I adore people watching at the beach. Let’s face it. It’s downright entertaining!
Story time: My last beach trip, I went for a run only to see a little family picking up seashells. The boy, who couldn’t have been over 3 years old, found a dead jellyfish. His mother told him to make sure not to touch it with his hands. So, he picked the biggest shell he could find and SMASHED the jellyfish. Over and over and over...  And all I could see was this little blobby thing on the sand practically jumping off the ground from the force. It was as if the jellyfish had turned into a seashell sized trampoline. I almost tripped from laughing.

3. The food. I don’t love seafood (gasp!), but I do love to eat just about everything else. Is it just me or do you feel totally justified while eating at the beach?! I just tell myself, “We don’t have some of these here restaurants back yonder (remember, East Tennesseean!). So I might as well enjoy it all while I’m here!”

4. The smell. I mean, really. I think one of my favorite parts of the beach is when I first step out of the car and take a big whiff of that salty air.

5. Late night walks. Seriously Walking on the beach late at night is one of the best times to be there. The breeze always seems to be just right. The moon is always nice and bright. It's just so dang peaceful!

6. The sand. There is nothing I love more than finding sand in every nook and cranny of my body.  It took weeks to get all of the sand out of my running shoes. And I’m pretty sure the bag I took STILL has sand in it. Yummy… Ok, wait. That was all a lie.

So there you have it. Some of my top reasons for loving the beach! Now it’s your turn.

What makes you love the beach?


Danavee said...

Longing for the beach now!!!! It's been three years since I've stepped foot on one!!!

Tamara said...

I agree 100% on the guilt free books. I know when I'm at the house and I read for more than an hour I'm like man, I need to be doing this or doing that and stupid guilt jumps in and it makes me want to punch kittens. But on the beach, I gots none.
I'm a huge fan of people watching. The husband and I used to go to the movie theatre early so we could sit on the bench and make up stories about the poeple coming in. Also, the kid and the jellyfish - amazeballs. Sounds like something my daughter would do.
Late night walks on the beach - awesome. Also, if you wake up early when no one is there yet - it's just so relaxing and awesome.

Joslin said...

I have a special place in my heart for late night walks on the beach since my husband proposed on one. =) Great list!

Anonymous said...

The smell--nothing like it. Great post. I like the East Tennessee vernacular!

Amy said...

I LOVE the beach, but i hate that sand gets everywhere...and i mean EVERYWHERE haha


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