Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Thoughts [8.9.12]

Linking with Sar here :)

[1] As you may know if you follow me on Twitter, Pat aka boyfriend will be back one week from today. Finally. (He's been gone since mid May!)

And I'm just a little bit excited.

[2] I've always been one to save bugs. As in, instead of squishing them. I don't have the stomach for squishing bugs. If they're too creepy to go near, that's when you'll hear me calling for my dad or roommate. (Actually, when we were younger, I remember my sister calling me in to kill bugs for her. Wonder what happened to make me squeamish.)

Aaaaanyway, I keep accidentally killing or maiming bugs I'm trying to save.

  • I opened a window to let a tiny tiny flying bug out of the car and it turned out we were driving so fast the poor thing got pulled into pieces.
  • Then I accidentally smeared a spider all over when I was trying to just fling him away with my debit card.
  • And then today I think I removed a bug's antenna as I was getting him out of Emily's bathroom.

Whoops? At least my intentions have been good!

[3] On a related note, I'm not huge into titles in relationships. But Pat did get a new title as of last night:

Personally, I think it's a promotion. :)

[4] Finally, I am so so so excited to be going to the lake this weekend with these lovely ladies!

I grew up in the Ozarks, which is a huuuuge laking area, but my family never really did that. So this will be my first legit lake trip. Eeeeeeee! Wish me luck, friends! 

What do you all do when you find bugs in your house? Do you try to save them like I do? Or do you yell for help like I do when it's a big scary spider? Aaaand, do you have any lake loving tips? I'm hoping I won't be too much of a wimp to try the water sporty things!

Happy almost weekend!


Sara said...

I can kill most bugs with the exception of spiders. I can't get near them without squealing my head off, which then defeats the purpose because the spider moves and makes me squeal and jump around more. Ick. Long story short...I hate spiders. I make the hubby take care of those!

SO jealous of your upcoming trip to the lake! Enjoy! :-)

Katie said...

So cute of you to save the bugs. I once put a roach under a cup for ...a week or two... because I couldn't squish it. Apparently I like to torture them instead ;)

Danavee said...

Bugs, especially spiders, die in my household. Preferably the mister handles that. But I've been known to throw a shoe or two in the direction of an offending creature.

Lake time is the best. Enjoy it and embrace it!!!!

Sar said...

I don't need to kill bugs; Chloe (my cat) will do it for me. I occasionally find cockroach legs just hanging out. Ew.

Kate said...

I generally try to save the buggies. Except, I would TOTALLY kill those cave crickets in my garage. But the thought of all those massive amounts of bug guts kinda grosses me out. :P

And it's funny that your sister made you get bugs out of her room..

Because, my OLDER BROTHER totally made me do the exact same thing. hahahahaha. He would FREAK OUT if there were bugs in there.

Sassy Ms Ginger said...

Yay! I am so excited for him to come home! Are you ready to get back to school? I am not sure I am ready yet :)

Tristan said...

When I read saving bugs I thought you meant SAVING bugs! Like keeping them for days, months, years. I'm happy that isn't what you meant!

And I don't like to kill them either!

Amy said...

oh my gosh YAY!!!! I remember when you posted about him leaving, man how has time gone that quickly already (although i'm sure it didn't fly by for you!)
I CAN NOT pick up bugs. NOPE i have to squish it, unless its a roach, in that case i run like a bat out of hell.


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