Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I would never change -- 15-Day Challenge

So I've been thinking about this prompt for the 15-Day Challenge for a while, and it's a tough one for me, for some reason.

What's one thing you would never change about yourself?

I've come up with something, and I hope people in my life would say it's true.

I think I'm pretty darn resilient.

When a situation sucks and I know it's just going to have to suck for a while, I feel like I can take it pretty well. I also stay very calm during crises (although I  may panic/freak out after everything is over).

An example:

When I was a sophomore, I rear ended someone and Betsy the Car had to go to the doctor for a couple weeks. #whoops.

I lived too far out from campus to get to school without Bets, so I packed up and moved to sister's house for a while. I made my home in her living room on the couch and walked to a nearby bus stop every morning.

Not a bad life.

Except Emily has a cat, which I'm allergic too. Still nbd. Except that the cat had fleas.

Neither Em or her roommates realized Raj had fleas until I moved in and the fleas held themselves a little feast.

At one point I had over 115 bites on my body.

It was awful. I felt diseased. But I really had no choice. I began sleeping in football tights with my socks tucked in and long sleeves, regardless of the temperature, to hide my skin.

I don't think I complained much. I remember my family feeling sorry for me and my mom being really worried. But for me, it was just something to get through. I knew it was temporary and I knew it wouldn't kill me, so I just kept suiting up for bed and dealing with it.

(Raj and the house were both eventually treated for fleas.)

I know I can be a complainer sometimes. Maybe even a lot of times. But when stuff gets really bad, I usually can focus on the next step. And I like that.

Runners up for this question include:
1. My tiny hands
2. My laugh, but only because I know Layne loves it.

How about you all? Do you stay calm during a crisis?

(PS -- as always, swing by to visit [life of love] and check out other answers!)


Shauna said...

OuchhhhH!!! Fyi, I almost took a photo of myself in the bathroom this morning just for you!

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness, I would say resilient is a good one after hearing that story. That's rough! I think I tend to see the best in situations too, even when things get rough I always stay positive... and then freak out after the fact.

The Management said...

I like this- resilience is really important and you sound like a trooper!

I'm a new reader- looking forward to more!

Sar said...

115 bites?! OW! I'm impressed you withstood that and still maintain a positive attitude. I have a short-haired cat (I'm usually allergic to cats, but as long as I don't pet her then rub my eyes, I'm okay), and she's never had fleas. Ew.

Yay for tiny hands!

Amy said...

I love this one, great GREAT quality!!
Being resilient will get you far in life, for that is awesome that is a quality in which you possess.

Rachel said...

Wow! You're my new hero!

Cassy said...

Abbey, sometimes I think we might be a little bit of the same person. :)

Michelle Nelson said...

I think that's a great quality!

I nominated you for an award on my blog today if you'd like to participate!


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