Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Things I keep forgetting to tell you and other thoughts

{1.} The car behind me on the way to work yesterday had a mustache.

Legit. It wasn't even hard plastic -- they passed me and I could tell it was made with something hair-like. Also, really hard to take this picture while driving.

{2.} Katie (my roommate) and I made more crayon melty art this weekend and they turned out awesome. I got the supplies for her for Christmas and it took us this long to make them. I'll actually be keeping this one! (I gave the others I've made to my sister.)
Mine is on the right!

Thank you all for your encouragement in the
slapping incident. I admitted to most of you via email that I've been feeling a bit guilty. But you all were so proud of me! that now I feel like I did what I had to to stand up for myself -- and all of you that said you wished you'd slapped someone before! Best comment, of course, came from Tamara: "That is some sheisty-ass sheistyness."

Also, here's what my dad had to say about the experience:

{4.} I got to skype with Pat last night! Only the second time this summer, since he's been working every day, has an internship and took a summer class, and because my house struggles with internet connectivity. BUT. I can't tell you how awesome it was. Seriously. Reminded me just how much I like that boy.
My favorite picture, sneaked during a long-ago skype conversation :)

So tomorrow is my last day at work. I've been meaning to mention -- I don't foresee a whooole lot of changes to my blog with my transition from working girl back to student, but I do predict that I won't be able to keep up with my traditional reviewing a book every week. Since I won't be commuting anymore, I won't be listening to audiobooks as often. I hope you'll understand!

{6.} And finally, a funny story. This story totally could have been included in this post, but it's ok, because now I have more for this post! #winning

So the night of Meleah's bachelorette, some of the girls wanted to get coffee before we headed out to the lake. Since we were in downtown Springfield, MO, we just walked across the street and stopped in a little coffee house.

I was talking to a couple of the girls and totally distracted when Meleah said, "Abbey!" and pointed. At a girl she was talking with. Who happens to be married to my ex boyfriend.

I went over and we chatted. Her husband/my ex was the barista and she was just hanging out while he worked. Then she took a group picture for us and we left.

Once we were outside, Meleah told me as soon as she'd run into the wife, the first thing she thought and the first thing she said was, "Abbey's here!"



Any of you have a married ex? It's a weird feeling to have! She was the very next girl he dated, and now they're married! He and I only had a summer thing -- maybe one month total. But still. Pretty funny. :)

Hope you're all having a fabulous Tuesday!


Amy said...

One of my ex's is married and expecting a child AND moving back here in a month...fabulous. ugh. haha and i'm still single...
That mustache killed me, i totally need one from my car, i'm so thankful you took a picture so we could see it! hahha

Shauna said...

1. Hahahah!
2. Awesome sauce!
4. Yay Pat!
6. That's awesome it's not super awkward between you guys!! Tim's actually the married ex of the group...one of my best friends was his first girlfriend, and she was trying to get back together with him the day he met me!! Whoops :) But it's OK, she's still my bff and was a bridesmaid in our wedding!

Cassy said...

I love that car's mustache, your dad's text, and the fact that you got to Skype with your BF!
Since I got married young (and now have a baby) I always wonder what my ex-boyfriends think about that. We don't talk anymore at all...waaaay too awkward. That's cool that it didn't seem that way with your ex's wife :)

Breenah said...

I don't know anything about my exes (and I'm FINE with that), but sometimes I wonder if they know I'm married and have a baby and what they think.

Tamara said...

What is it with mustaches on cars? I came across one last year [I took a picture too!]My caption "Let's go for a mustache ride - literally."

Melty Crayon Art - still convinced I'm going to try it one day! They always turn out so cute!

And yes, a girl has to stand up for herself - so don't ever apologize for that. Sheisty people are all over the place.

Yay for Pat skypes. He is adorables.

I've already mentioned to you the awkwardness with Al's ex - so uh, yeah. Gotta love the small town drama!

Joslin Williams said...

I need to keep my husband from seeing that mustache car. Next thing I know he'll be gluing bits of hair onto our hood.

Pretty crayon art! It would be fun to try it out one day.

Katie said...

On our old street there was a car with eyelashes. LOL I don't get it, but it is funny.

Yay for Skype!

Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

My x boyfriend if you want to call him that ( we were 13). We never went on a date or kissed. He has a wife and a kid and found me on Facebook some how. He wants me back and cheat on his wife with me. No way!! Haha.

Anonymous said...

it's been so long, I wonder if Pat looks different...

Leslie said...

Awwwh!! So sweet y'all got to skype!! :)
That mustache is so incredibly awkward, but awesome at the same time. I am SO happy you were able to capture a picture of it!

Katie said...

THE mustache!! I've seen the eyelashes, but seriously that is so much better!

My ex-husband got married right away to another girl after we split. But it was surpisingly NOT wierd for me. By the time we were actually split, I was so discusted of him, I would have personally tried to pawn him off on some random girl just to get him away with me.

Too much info? haha, sorry. :)

Sara said...

That mustache on that car is pretty awesome, especially since it's a legit mustache and made with some type of hair!

I don't have any ex's that are married, however, I wonder how they felt when I got married?

Great post! Made me laugh. :-)

kimberly rae said...

lol im pretty sure it's every dad's dream that their baby girl grows up and slaps a boy that's tryin to get fresh! hahahah! so, i love that!

also, surprisingly not of my exes ar are married (the ones i still keep in contact with) but that's probably because every guy i dated before my current BF was a total scumbag and they don't want to be married. hahah.

also, love the crayon art!

Rachel said...

Oh honey, I've been invited to an ex's wedding. Yay, needless to say, I didn't attend!


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