Friday, July 13, 2012

My favorite favorites! 15-Day Challenge

Hey everyone!

I gotta say, I really had fun with this prompt for the 15-Day Challenge: List your favorites. Sar gave some examples, but I came up with a few of my own. :)

Favorite Picture I've Taken
A Scottish Coo in the Highlands of Scotland, taken in 09 when I studied abroad. We were bffs.

Favorite Picture I'm in

Favorite Book
This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
(see all my favorites here)

Favorite Book (Growing up)
Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

Favorite Author

Favorite Movie(s)
You've Got Mail, Love Actually and Up!

Favorite Classic Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Favorite Pizza Topping
Pineapple :)

Favorite Dessert
Apple pie and/or ice cream

Favorite Ice Cream
There's this place in Lawrence/KC that makes homemade ice cream. Aah.
If you ever come visit, that's where we're going

Favorite Favorite

I love knowing people's favorite words

Favorite Word(s)
Flail, and all its forms (flailing, flailed, flailer...), ameliorate and foolish
(And, just because it's interesting, Pat's favorite word is assassin. :)

Favorite Quote
"When by now and tree by leaf,
She laughed his joy she cried his grief."
(from "Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town" by e.e. cummings.
 which is why I'm trying to memorize it.)

Favorite Holiday
Christmas, of course :)

Favorite Post(s) I've Written
I really like this one because I was seriously so nervous about it,
and then way relieved because so many of you felt the same way.

I also really liked this one. :)

Favorite Song (Always)
Call Me Al by Paul Simon

Favorite Song (Right Now)
Ho Hey by the Lumineers

Favorite Song (for Running)
The Club Can't Handle Me

Happy weekend, friends!


Genna said...

Holy cow (no pun intended) I LOVE that picture! And Up! is definitely a favorite of mine, too. Such a good (yet semi-depressing) movie. I run to Flo Rida alllll the time. I think it's cuz they're so upbeat and I hear it when I go out and God knows I wanna look good when I go out! ;)

Kate said...

My favorite word is meander. It's such a ridiculous sounding word. I use it all the time!

Also, I'm coming to visit. I need ice cream.

I could watch Love Actually over and over and over.

I LOVE e.e. cummings.

I was listening to "Call Me Al" two days ago telling my Mom about how it always made me think of my brother. He used to sing it alllll the time to me because his name is Alex.

Yes, we are the same person.

-t said...

Omg! That cow photo is GREAT! Haha! That would be a great conversation starter if you had it hanging in your home!!

Michelle Nelson said...

Aww the Scottish Choo is soooo cute! My fav pizza topping is pineapple too!

Katie said...

Love all of these! And that cow is seriously awesome and your photog skills are amazing.

I have seen none of your favorite movies (besides Beauty and Beast). Please don't hate me.

Also, I have never thought of my favorite word. I think I will need to do that now.

Amy said...

We really are twins..."flail" is probably one of my favorite words.
I'm also jealous you studied abroad in scotland, GRRR jealous rage! :)
Also, i totally got You've Got Mail out of a $5 wal-mart bin the other a DVD for some reason i just figured they didn't make it into a dvd (i know i know, i'm an idiot) and so i literally squealed loudly and this 13 year old was like "what movie is that? it looks old" i almost drop kicked her. :)

Shauna said...

What an adorable picture!

Sar said...

Ugh, I dislike Up (long story), but that picture of the cow is DIVINE. Or bovine. Bwaaahahaha, I crack myself up...

Claire said...

Wow! I love the picture of the cow! Sooooo....I can't find the right word...great pic!

Alyx said...

I love your favorites! Ella Enchanted was such a good book, I'd completely forgotten about it.
And thanks for introducing me to Ho Hey - i'd never heard it before and I really like it!

Anonymous said...

Favorite vodka: Pinnacle Chocolate. Can't enjoy it right now, but look forward to a sip soon.

Veronica Lee Burns said...

totally read Ella Enchanted! Loved that book! Such a great list!

Tamara said...

Scottish Coo picture - straight up amazeballs! We live on a farm and have a lot of cows. You can come take their picture any time!
And Pat has an awesome favorite word. Ass..Ass.In. I make sure an enunciate it for extra effect.

@the bench said...

Hello, stopping by from Mingle Monday. I just got back from a conference in the Netherlands and they have Scottish Highlanders in the dunes was so strange to see these rain/cold-resistant cows hanging out in the sun and sand. Love your blog!


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