Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I come for the pickles: 15-Day Challenge

Hey there!

I'm back today for Day 3 of the 15-Day Challenge! As usual, check it out and link up at [life of love] with Sar!

Today's prompt, an article of clothing I'm deeply attached to, was a bit harder for me. I couldn't think of anything. I have some stuff I stole from Pat or that he gave me, but none of it sticks out more than the rest. I had a favorite T-shirt from a play I was in, but I lost it down the river on a float trip. Then, it came to me.

Duh. I was wearing it!

Another myspace bathroom pic. Because I know you luuurved the first one. At least there's
no toilets in this one. :)
It may be hard to see, but the picture on the front is a spoon, fork and knife and underneath it says "luna blu."

Anyone recognize that?

I'll give you another hint. This is the back:

"I come for the pickles."


Ok, I'll tell you. I won this shirt at an author reading of What Happened to Goodbye, my favorite author's most recent book! Sarah Dessen has been my favorite since high school and I was thrilled to meet her and hear her read part of the book. :)

That's me! And Sarah Dessen!

Sarah's books are contemporary Young Adult novels. Which means they're aimed to sell to teenagers and are about real-ish things -- things that could actually happen, unlike fantasy or sci-fi.

She's my favorite because I feel like so many authors underestimate the young adult audience. They feed teens with books about popularity and dating the jocks, shallow characters with shallow hopes.

Which is ok, if that's what you want. I read (and enjoy) simple books too, sometimes. But not all YA books need to be simple.

All of Sarah's books have depth. They speak to people on a deeper level about fear, about love, about leaving your comfort zone, about whether it really matters what other people think of you. All that good stuff. You can read them on the most basic level and enjoy them for the basic plot, but they can also really speak to you and change the way you think about things.

All right. I'm done fan-girling. But it has been my dream for years and years and years to write YA fiction, and I hope that one day, when I do (not if, but when), I'll be even half as good as Sarah Dessen.

So I love my Luna Blu tee. It's ginormo and I only ever sleep in it, but it's inspirational and makes me happy. :)

Do you guys have anyone who inspires you? I'd love to hear about it!


Sar said...

I love this story! So sweet! Plus who doesn't love pickles, let's me honest.

Sar said...

*be honest. BE.

Cassy said...

I totally agree that YA authors typically underestimate their audience. I think that's why YA novels get a bad rap and people are shocked when one is actually a great read. I'll need to read some Sarah Dessen when I get some more time on my hands.

Tamara said...

Pickles are amazeballs. During my first tri-mester I had at minimum two a day. And they were home-made. De-lish.

And I love your shirt and will definitely check out that author. [I love finding new books!]

Also, when you write your book I want an autograph :) And when I write mine - you're editing it!

Shauna said...


I would have enjoyed this post much more with a toilet in the background

riana. said...

I apologize for slacking on reading your blog. :/

I love the reason you picked your shirt. (and your hair looks super cute short...I can't pull that off)

Kaitlyn's Life and Blogs said...

Pickles equal yummy!! :)

My friend has a fear of pickles so whenever we go grocery shopping I cant get them while I'm with her. Haha

Amy said...

ooo oooo ooooooo i can't wait to check her out!
I've become obsessed with Abbie Glines' stuff...incredible! :)

Jaz said...

When I saw this post title I immediately thought of that book, but I wasn't sure. I'm jealous that you got to meet Sarah! Great post!

Megan said...

Love the reason you picked your shirt. To be inspired is wonderful; I typically find myself wishing I was inspired to write but I'm better off reading what someone else was inspired to put to paper :) Hope you achieve your goal of writing a book soon!

Heather said...

Awesome shirt, I've never heard of the book or the Author. I'm going to have to check her out now :).

Beth said...

Now I want some pickles...thanks! And isn't meeting your favorite author (or musician, whatever) the best?

Kate said...

Pickles totally gross me out. But I looooove Sarah Dessen. :P

Kerri Blue said...

Mmmmmmm pickles..yum...yum..yum.

Great story and great choice of clothing :)

...damnit, now I feel like pickles..

Han said...

I thought I recognised the name - I used to have a Sarah Dessen book on my book case it was a freebie with a magazine here - I'd have probably not picked it up other wise but have added a bunch of her books to my To Read list on Goodreads :)


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