Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to make s'mores without a campfire + an announcement!

I'm double posting today! Woah. I'll be back later with my 15-Day Challenge answer (I hope) but I wanted to share this amazingness with you all!

Before I get into the chocolatey goodness of this post, I have an announcement!

The rest of this month and in the beginning of August I'll be having a few guest posters here and there. Please be nice to them! After all the guest posting is done, I'll be having a giveaway, and I intend to count sincere comments on their posts as extra entries! 
I'm not sure how it'll work yet, but probably not a 1:1 ratio. I'll figure it out later. :) And by sincere, I mean none of that "That's neat!" baloney. Say something real! or don't say anything. Either works.

Ok, now on to the chocolate...

Last week I teased you with this treat from Pinterest:

                                                                              Source: via Abbey on Pinterest

Today I wanted to share my experience with you! Of course, you can also check out the original post here.
Honestly, though? These were super easy to make. And really take no skill at all.
First you wanna gather your stuff. I used Kroger brand marshmallows (the big kind, though several minis would probably work too), Kroger graham crackers, Kroger candy coating (can you guess where I shopped?) and Nestle milk chocolate chips. The candy coating looked like this:

So. Preheat your oven. I did mine on bake at 400. The marshmallows never really got brown, so I started wondering if the broil setting would have been better, but I never tried it. Next, you're going to just lay out a bunch of graham crackers on a cookie sheet. Cover half of them with marshmallow and the other half with chocolate. I cut my marshmallows in half this way:

Cutting on the red line. And yes, I just drew that in paint. You're welcome.

Round one for me looked like this:

When they come out of the oven, you just squish the chocolate side onto the marshmallow side. Like this:

I didn't like all that bulginess outside the edges, so the next round I cut the marshmallows into quarters, but still used half a marshmallow on each graham cracker. I tried a few different ways of quartering them, but this was my favorite/easiest to work with:

That's the top of the marshmallow there. Aren't you guys just sooo so grateful for my artistic talent? Shut up, I know you are. The only thing is that quartering makes more sticky edges, so they might get stuck to stuff. So pick your poison: stickiness or puffyness.

Round two looked like this:

After each tray came out, I stuck them in the fridge for a bit so they could set up. Then I got down to business covering them in chocolate.

I don't have any pictures of that part of the process because I was home alone, but the candy coating I bought worked GREAT. Loved it. And it tastes good. After I dipped them, I sprinkled them and let them set. I also dipped some other random things, like pretzels and plain marshmallows, because I had some extra coating melted.

And here's what the final product looked like:

Yum! Super easy to make, portable, and doesn't require fire. Although the legit smores are definitely better, this is a great stand-in when there is no fire to be found.

Have a great fourth of July, friends!


Danavee said...

I love when Pinterest projects turn out like the photo I pinned! You did a great job!

Obviously Obsessed said...

Those look so yummy!!! I'll have to try these sometime when I feel adventurous!!

Nicole said...

Those are adorable!
And, if you ever want a "fire", I've done smores indoors with one of those little tin can fire thingys that burns blue... works just fine!
I wish you could send me one of those through the screen... I've got a hankerin' now! :)

Jess @ Blonde Meets World said...

Those look uhhhhmazaing! I can't cook, but I'm not usually too bad of a baker so I need to give them a try! However, I'm sometimes pretty lazy and might just end up making smores over my stovetop instead. Haha.

Going on a vacation and that's why the guest posters? Say yes; I love living vicariously through someone else! :)

Jodi said...

Those look good! I've made s'mores bars before from Pinterest and they were pretty good too. But the real thing is the best! Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

Daddy says this is the only thing I'm allowed to read. :) :(

Lin said...

Those look so delicious! And, you can bet your sweet tush that we'll be nice to your guest posters :)

Rachel said...

This look solo amazing! Thanks for the paint diagrams! Bonus!

Amy said...

oh my gosh they look amazing!


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