Monday, July 30, 2012

Family vacations to Myrtle Beach

Thanks so much to Shauna for guesting, I am worry free on the beach right about meow. (nope, doesn't matter what time you read it, I'm probably there. Please be sure to show her some love!

Hey everyone! I'm Shauna from Our Emerald City, where I talk about home design, plant based diets, green living, and traveling!  I also blog at theAwesomes, where I talk about my life with my husband!  Wow, that's a mouthful, isn't it?
Abbey is on vacation with her family today, going to their family's traditional vacation spot, so I wanted to talk about my family's regular destination: Myrtle Beach!
I've been traveling to Myrtle Beach every two years like clockwork since birth; in fact, this summer I should be there, but unfortunately I won't be making it this year!
Little toddler Shauna- I was blonde until I turned three!
My dad's family is from Myrtle Beach, and have lived there for long before it became a crazy tourist destination.  My great uncle owned a house one block off the beach that was the only one left in a mass of hotel chains.  You could see his woodsey little patch of property on every postcard! So every other summer, my parents, my brother and I trucked over for two weeks of sun, sand, and salt water!
My dad, granny, and Aunt Liz!
My dad back in the 60's
We always had the same schedule:  Each family member would lazily make their way down to our umbrella at the beach, we'd all hang out all day with various extended family, swimming, eating, reading, laying, and my favorite: boogie boarding.
I've never had an urge to learn to surf because I love to boogie board so much!  I both love and fear the ocean, so boogie boarding strikes a nice balance of having fun and not dying.
Although to be honest, most of my time was spent doing this:
I was actually a member of the Myrtle Beach library because I read so many books.  Ah, the days before Kindles.  My granny and I would share a Coke and read our books.
After a day of sun, we all made our way back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the town, and then we'd hit up the town's attractions each night.
You better believe we all dressed alike that day!
We might be visiting our favorite gift shop, the Gay Dolphin (real name)...
...or riding the rides at the amusement park...
...or hanging out at The Boardwalk, the outdoor mall.
And on every trip, we did mini golf.
Once we went to this awesome alligator farm, but it was way too ridiculously hot to enjoy.  This picture of it cracks me up; my brother and I are so cool ;)
Why am I wearing socks and sandals at the beach??
Tim's gotten to visit the beach twice now, and he loves it!  We always think it's hilarious how different our vacations were growing up.  His family did a lot of educational trips with lots of activities, and my family spent most our time laying on the beach.  Now that we're grown up, I always want to go do a million things, and Tim always wants to lay on the beach 24/7.  We do manage to find a nice balance between the two. 
Do you have any regular family vacation spots?  Can't wait to hear!  And don't forget to stop by theAwesomes and Our Emerald City!


Tamara said...

I love all the pictures!
That's just really amazing at how your great uncle kept that property.
And yes on all the lazy beach book reading. That's what I'm talking about!

Tiffanie A said...

Im sooo jealous right now! LOL

Amy said...

I'm only an hour and a half from myrtle! :)
Lots of fun!

Katie said...

Love all the photos! Making me want to get in the car and head to the beach myself! :)

Joslin Williams said...

I agree, boogie boarding is my speed of ocean fun.

Cassy said...

Hi Shauna, I love your pictures! My family's vacation spot was always Oceanside, CA, where we would lay on the beach all day too! I miss it so much.

Tristan said...

We have the exact same thing! We meet up halfway with all of my Dad's side of the family for camping, eating, bonfires, and tons of food! Filled with boardwalk time, amusement park rides, and mini golf! I've been going every summer since I was 4 months old! I love me some tradition!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it--I'm pretty sure Abbey had the same little pink one-piece thing you were wearing in your blonde photo! If it wasn't a one-piece, it was a dress like that! Fantastic blog--really makes me realize how people are like each each other no matter where we are from! Lovely traditions!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I want to live at Myrtle Beach (or Ortley Beach) forever.

Alex said...

I'm sorry, why aren't we doing this this year? I want in. Also I love how you basically scowl while you read. :)

Katy Desroches said...

Nice pictures! How long did you guys stay? Certainly, there's no better event that can beat an exciting adventure together with a family or friend. Have you tried going on vacation together with your family in a private place? You should try one. It could be more fun and unforgettable one.
- Katy Desroches

Brielle Franklin said...

What an awesome treasured family vacation! We have been trying to find a spot like that. My husband and I both grew up around the same area as each other. But it just hard trying to find a common place that has great memories. So last year we started trying to find one where the kids can have those memories. This summer we are looking into getting a Cape Cod Rental for a few weeks. The kids wanted to go someplace different than the normal places we go and we thought this would be just the place. Thanks so much for sharing your great post. You made me more excited for summer!

Shauna said...

Hehe hello three years later!


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