Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Monday [7.23.12]

Dear Monday, You are my last Monday at this old place of employment. What the what? It's been a super quick nine months here, but I am ready to peace out for my greener pastures. Thanks for the memories (read: the paychecks). Hasta la vista.

Dear weekend, You were so good to me. Thanks for the two-steppin, the late night talking and reconciliation with an old friend, the birthday lunch and pineapple pizza, the time with some of my favorite favorite people. Let's meet again?

Dear friends/boys of the world, So something happened this weekend, and I ended up slapping a boy. Twice. Yikes. But if you spend a half hour talking to me about my boyfriend and still think it's ok to try to kiss me? Yeah... I'm gonna think it's ok to slap you.

Dear Sinead, Thank you for the bloggy award! Since I did a post about one recently, I'm not going to do the whole thing. However, I loved your questions and thought I'd answer a couple :)
How would you react to a Zombie Apocalypse? I would curl up in a ball and cry and wait for someone to save me and end up being zombie noms. Alternatively, I would have a panic attack and end up being zombie noms. The only situation in which I survive is someone coming to save me.

What is you favourite Perfume? I wear a cheapo Adidas scent. It's 8bucks at walmart and pink and called "fruity" (as opposed to "floral").

What era would you have loved to live in? Roaring twenties, no doubt. Except, you know, that they were followed by the Great Depression.

Happy Monday friends! Was your weekend as good to you as mine was to me?


Obviously Obsessed said...

Oh goodness, I've never slapped a boy!! Sounds delightful. :) Good luck on your new job too!! And pineapple pizza is my favorite. My husband hates it so I have to do 1/2 and 1/2 on our pizzas, but whatevs.

Have a great Monday!!

Kate said...

The fact that you slapped him made my day. Like, for real. I can only imagine the look on his face!

Sar said...

Two-stepping, late-night talking, pineapple pizza, and favorite people? Um, sign me up. Thanks.

<3 <3

Amy said...

SLAP AWAY! Good for you girl...i hate it when guys can't get the hint!
It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!
And btw i'm with you on the Zombie apocalypse. I'd like to think i'd turn all B.A....but the truth is i'd probably just vomit everywhere and go into a coma.

Sara said...

I've slapped a boy before, but he definitely deserved it, and it sounds like your scenerio is no different.

BTW, I LOVE your answer to the zombie apocalypse question--it made me chuckle quite a bit. :-)

Shauna said...

Oh snap, boy slapping!!! I've had a boy try that on me before too, tried for days to talk crap about Tim and then continued to ask me out until I told him off. Sheesh. I'm totally jealous you got to slap the sucker!

Jess @ Blonde Meets World said...

Good luck on your new job! I just gave my two weeks at my current job last week! SCARY but exciting!

Amazing you got to slap the boy. AMEN, girl!

Katie said...

I kind of think it's awesome that you slapped a boy. Sounds totally deserved!

Glad it sounds like you had an otherwise good weekend! Happy last Monday!!

Andi said...

Wow, I've never slapped a guy, but there are a few times I wish I would have.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, I will also be curled up in a ball freaking out. I've told my family and friends to just go on without me. I'll only slow them down.

Katrin said...

Sounds like he really deserved the slapping! :)

Tamara said...

I must know about the slapping a boy! I mean, WTF, you told him you had a boyfriend. Guys never cease to amaze me. Ugh.

Also, dude. I am gun-wielding Texan [seriously, it is ridiculous at the number we own] - so if a Zombie Apocalypse heads your way - I WILL SAVE YOU.

Katie said...

sounds like a fun weekend!! I love pineapple pizza!!

Adrienne said...

Awww! Hooray for new beginnings!

I cannot believe you slapped a guy- but go you!

Rachel said...

Not once but twice? That's hardcore!


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