Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A wedding and some puppies

Hello friends! 

Today I got my pictures to be my friends. So now I can tell you about my weekend! Just what you've been waiting for, right? :)

Saturday I went home for this kid's wedding.

That's us. Circa either junior or senior year of high school, I'd guess. Not enough high school awkwardness for you all? Ok, ok. Here's another one.

JK, I love that picture. It was at our last high school football game. That's the groom, Andy, on the left, our friend Meleah in the middle and me on the right.

Anyway. He got married. We've known both bride and groom since elementary school. They've been engaged forever and together even longer (duh), so we were really really excited to finally see them get hitched! I went with my parents and little sister.

Dancing down the aisle. Married.

Their ceremony was beautiful. The wind was blowing in the trees and you could tell Andy was really, really excited.

Quit growing up. Geez.

He asked me to dance :) 

That's the best man on the left and the groom on the right, two of my best guy friends in high school.

It was really, really great to see Andy and his best man, Mike, and catch up with the both of them. I've known Andy since first grade, so I remember him in the days of Kool-Aid mustaches, and Mike since freshman year when we were in theater together. These boys were my prom dates my junior year. And now their all grown up. *sniff*


Sunday I woke up around 10ish to go for a run before it got too hot. I got out the door at like 10:30 and it was already approaching 80 degrees.

So I've been running around this outdoor track near my house for about half an hour when I see a big black and white lump under a tree enclosed in the loop of the track. So I pass it going one way and can't figure out what it is, and then I pass it the other way and finally see: it's a couple of dogs!

At this point I'd say it was around 85 degrees out. It was hot, especially if you have no water. So I drop the last minute of my run and go to check out the dogs.

I could tell right away they weren't in good shape. Their owner was no where in sight. They'd been drinking water from a nearby drainage ditch and kept throwing up, lots, either from the heat or from the not-clean water they'd been drinking.

They had collars, so they were obviously someone's dogs, but no tags, so I called my mom and asked her to get me the number for animal control. But they don't work on the weekends. So she said take a picture of them and I'll post them on Craigslist. (They'd posted another lost dog on Craigslist before and found the owner within a couple hours.)

So I took these pictures of my new friends:

And then, as I was emailing them to my mom, my phone died.

I sat there under the tree with the dogs for a while, looking toward my house and wishing one of my family members would appear with water for them. But they didn't.

So I ran home and grabbed a plastic bowl and water for the dogs. Me and Anna drove back to the park and I charged my phone on the way and sent the pictures to my mom to post. We also posted on my mom and sister's facebook. The dogs drank the water so quickly I had to run to the city pool nearby and refill. We hadn't brought enough.

I went back with water two more times. By the second time, they'd stopped throwing up and had started wagging their tails. Their bowl was bone-dry -- they drank every last drop I'd brought. The last time, they wanted to be my bffs. The white one just stood there with his nose pressed up against my leg. Then the big ol' klutzes knocked over their water bowl.

It was really hard to leave them. They'd been out there for at least five hours and we hadn't heard back from anyone through FB or Craitslist. I had to get back to Kansas, though, so I made my dad promise to take them more water.

When my dad went to check on them, they were gone. We got an email later through Craigslist that someone from animal control had picked them up and knew who the owners were. My dad said he'd follow up and make sure their owners had actually come and they weren't sitting in the pound.

I'm dying to know what the dogs names were.

So that was my dramatic Sunday. I drove back to Kansas and watched the TrueBlood premier with my sister. (Any TrueBlood fans out there??)

And then yesterday morning my car wouldn't start so we had to jump her. Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday -- she did start for me after work! easy peasy.

Did anyone else have an exciting weekend? What do you all do when you find stray dogs?


Laura said...

Her wedding dress is so pretty. None of my elementary school friends have gotten married yet, but it's going to be so much fun when it happens.

Cassy said...

Wow, looks like it was a gorgeous wedding!
It's luck I didn't find them, because I would've taken them home with me, even though I don't have enough room or money to feed two big dogs. My heart is too soft :)
I did get a puppy dumped in my yard once, though, and I took her to a shelter with every intention of adopting her if she hadn't been within the week. She was.
Glad your car started!

Tamara said...

You looked great at the wedding!
And you are such a wonderful person for taking care of those precious dogs! {They look like they may be part Pit Bull, and with such a bad rap they get, that's awesome of you!}

Katrin said...

The pictures are so great! :))
And I am a True Blood fan too. My husband doesn't like the show anymore but I just can't understand that.


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