Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday thoughts [6.14.12]

Happy Thursday friends! Here are some things on my mind this week:

Me and Toby on my birthday my junior year :)
[1.] Tonight I'm hanging out with Layne and my friend Toby. I am very excited. Toby was my Co-RA for my first year of RAing, which means we were on the same floor and worked together on programs. And he was the best co. So I'm excited. :)

[2.] Remember my running club? Well, last week we were running 10 minutes, walking two, and repeating until we'd run half an hour. Tonight, I will be running fourteen minutes, walking two, running sixteen, walking two, then running fourteen again. So, if you never hear from me again, that's how I died. 

[3.] My dad told me yesterday that he found out the white dog I tried to take care of Sunday didn't end up making it. I was (am) so shocked and so sad. By the end of the day, she seemed fine. She was wagging her tail and running around. I guess once dogs get to a certain level of heat stroke, there's no turning back? I'm not really sure. If I'd known, I would have done more. I don't know what, exactly. But I would have done something more. I'm sure I don't need to tell any of you, but please, please take care of your animals. Make sure they have water and shade. That's all. (not all they need, just all I have to say.)

[4.] Did I ever show you our finished projects from painting ceramics a couple weekends ago? I don't think so. Here they are!

Photos by my sister Emily. My bowl looks soooo so cute in person! I loff it.

[5.] Mostly when Pat's gone, I text or email him first. Since I'm in the Midwest and he's on the West Coast, I'm awake way way earlier than him. Anyway, yesterday for some reason (woah guys I just tried to spell that sume) I didn't. When I finally heard from him, it was because he'd sent me flowers!

Okay, okay. One flower. Through an email. But isn't it gorgeous?? :)

I think that's all I've got today! Linking up here with Sar.

What's on your mind today?


Shauna said...

"That's how I died" hahahah! Love that polka dot bowl!

exlibrisheather said...

Hahaha! Love to hear your running updates. You are doing so great! I also love your pretty ceramics...looks like you guys had fun!

Lori said...

That bowl (and the other ceramics) are adorable!

Alyx said...

Your bowl looks so cute in pictures, too!!!
And that's really sad that the dog didn't make it. :(

Cassy said...

I'm so sad about the dog!
But you're right - once the dog reaches that level of neglect & heat exhaustion, sometimes it's just too much to bounce back. Plus, if it had been neglected/mistreated before, it may have had underlying issues anyway. I don't think there's anything else you could've done.

And add me to the list of people who were lol-ing at "If you don't hear from me, that's how I died." HA!

Katrin said...

It's so sad that the dog did not make it. Things like that always make me cry. :(

Amy said...

"So if you never hear from me again, that's how i died"
That was seriously amazing. :) ha.
To hear about the dog was so sad. :( :( It's a shame that people don't take care of their animals.

Kate said...

Poor doggy! :( Makes me so sad!

But the progress with your running is awesome! Keep it up, and it'll just keep getting easier. :)

Lin said...

I want your adorable polka dot bowl! For reals, you should send it me :)

Sar said...

I'm sorry about your puppy. :( So sad.

Your bowl turned out fabulous! I'm envious! I think I'm gonna have to go make one.

I love that your floor buddy RA you call your "co," as we called them FBs (for floor buddy) because it reminded us of dirtier things, which is apparently super hilarious when you're a sophomore. ;)

Happy Thursday Abbey!

Tamara said...

Hey girlie, I nominated you for an award!

Also, you got this running thing! Faith!!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

aw, painting ceramics! FUN! and you have some incredibly cute finished products there!!! looking forward to following you!



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