Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What are you afraid of?

I'm afraid of all the normal stuff. Losing my family, etc. But I'm not scared to admit (womp, womp... ok I'm done) that I have a few unusual fears.

1. I hate hate hate hate zombies. Guys, this is so for real, I couldn't even look at the google images results to find a picture to post here. If I look at them or think about them too much I'll have night mares tonight.


2. Surgery. Blech. I think my fear is related to my vegetarianism -- I don't like the idea of being cut open or sliced or broken apart. Yuck yuck yuck. I do, however, love Grey's Anatomy. I just don't watch the yucky parts.

Source -- No spoilers please! I'm not quite caught up!

3. I've recently discovered I'm afraid of eating bad food. This one isn't as scary to me as the others, but it probably affects my day-to-day behavior the most. Like, almost every morning I smell my milk and taste a bit before I pour it into my cereal. I hate wasting food, but I'll throw it out if there's any indication that it's not good anymore.

I also used to love to learn phobia names. Fear of surgery is tomophobia. Last time I checked there didn't seem to be an official word for the fear of zombies, but the best I found was kinemortophobia. (Get it? Kine = moving, morto = dead.)

I've met a couple people who have fruit phobias. Legit, don't eat fruit, don't touch fruit. I also have a friend who's afraid of touching adhesive things like stickers and stamps and tape.

So what about you all? Any weird fears out there?


Alyx said...

I'm terrified of bugs.
And I can't look at blood, or I freak out.

Lin said...

I dont know if I have any phobias. I mean I dont like a lot of things but aren't really afraid of anything...oh, except clowns. They're scary as hell!

Amy said...

We are twins.
I HATE zombies. ugh. My roommate LOVES the walking dead and i'm all "please watch that stuff when i'm not home" i actually had a dream about a zombie apocalypse and i woke up crying. hahaha.
Surgery freaks me out as well.
I always, ALWAYS check my food and i will gladly throw it away if it is bad. How horrible is that?! We have so much and yet we use so little...lame.

And the fruit phobia, thats just odd. :)

The Lehmann's said...

I swear spiders are out to get me. One was actually on the inside lens of my sunglasses when I put them on the other day.
I think I sprained my wrist ripping them from my face.
I do love me some zombie movies though. :)

kimberly rae said...



even a parady of zombies like shawn of the dead or whatever, i can't watch it.

the bf watches walking dead...i have to leave the room.

a guy i work with works on a tv show - zombie hunters (they produce it themselves) and he wanted me to be an a zombie. couldn't do it.

glad im not the only one!!


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