Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Thoughts [5.31.12]

Linking up with Sar for Thursday thoughts 
1. Running shoes are so expensive! I started looking into them last weekend because I thought there might be some good Memorial Day sales. Wrong! I think I might have to treat myself to a new pair after I finish my Couch to 5k program. I think that'll be worthy of a reward!

Like maybe these? Although I'd rather have the men's blue and green ones.
While we're on the topic of running, have any of you ever gotten sore shoulders/backs from running? My shoulders hurt way more than my legs ever do!

2. Swimsuit shopping is an awful torture. And I hate it. The end.

3. Alyx of Every Day is a New Adventure (and my wonderful designer of my blog layout!) is co-hosting a pretty fun blog swap! Go here to check it out! Because mail is fun. And presents are fun. And Christmas is fun.

4. Tomorrow is 1.8 for me and Pat! (aka a year and eight months) Woohoo! Although last year I was with him here

so it's exciting, but not as nice as last year. But! Only 76ish days till he's back. :)

Happy Thursday, friends!


Alyx said...

Congrats on the 1.8 - this summer will go by so fast, you'll blink and be together again! :)
And thanks for the shout-out!! I'm so excited for the gift exchange - it's going to be lots of fun!
I'm always shocked at the price of running shoes - it's kinda ridiculous. Hopefully you find some that you like!

Tamara said...

I am digging those shoes! But I do have to say if you're sticking with running (or planning too) get shoes as soon as you think you need them. Running shoes should be out the door at about 300-500 miles on them. Even if they still look awesome, they won't feel as awesome. I've got a little bit left on my shoes, so when they're out for hte count I'm actually going to get 'fitted.' It will be expensive, but worth it in the end I think.
And yay for 1.8 with Pat! I love that picture of you two, just look so happy! I hope that 76ish days go super fast!

Elisabeth said...

congrats on 1.8! we're coming up on .10 - which means soon to be one whole year!

Shauna said...

They are expensive!! I was just wondering yesterday if my sudden trouble with running was because I needed new shoes, but I don't want to spend the money on them now. Congrats on the anniversary!! Tim and I used to celebrate our anniversary every single month haha!

Leslie said...

I love those shoes!! You definitely need to treat yourself :)
and my shoulders and neck always hurt when I run... I think I don't relax enough. I don't know, but if you figure out why let me know!

exlibrisheather said...

Running shoes are expensive ( :( ) but trust me the good ones are worth it!

Katie said...

Sigh, I would love new running shoes but geeeesh the price tag!

And my shoulder always hurts when I run and my husband (mr workout lol) told me it's because I tense my shoulders when I run, like pull them up towards my ears and hold my arms too rigid. After he told me that I checked on my next run and I really was doing that without noticing! Now I focus on relaxing/shaking my shoulders out regularly and it helps a lot!

Jamie said...

Swimsuit shopping is the worst.

Lin said...

Running shoes are super expensive. The last one's I bought were at Nordstroms Rack, luckily they were on sale for $48 :)

Swimsuit shopping = torture

Kate said...

Let me be honest here, I have always, ALWAYS had thick, muscular legs. So they almost never give me trouble running.

But my back is usually the worst. It does go away for me though. Once I start running regularly, I find that those muscles in my back tighten back up a bit, and I'm good to go!

And coming from someone who has worked in shoes for 5 1/2? Good shoes are essential. It all depends on your foot mechanics. The best idea is to go somewhere that can really break down what kind of shoe you need, regardless of how pretty it is. :P

Adrienne said...

Aww! Happy 1.8!

Running shoes are SO expensive, but they're the most important piece. It's like the bike helmet of running. If you can, you should try and get fitted... A specialty store (I like Road Runner's) will do it! Road Runner's has good prices, but you can always write down the style number you like and buy them online! sorry to be so information-y! Haha, I'm not typically this way, but bad shoes=injury and injury=ouch!

Happy trails!

Katie said...

Gah, I tried on a few swimsuits yesterday. I pulled like 10 to take into the room and then only tried on 2. It was enough. Haha.

Katie said...

Gah, I tried on a few swimsuits yesterday. I pulled like 10 to take into the room and then only tried on 2. It was enough. Haha.

lori said...

i love those shoes! so fun! i think its a great idea to reward yourself after finishing your couch to 5k program... and cute clothes/workout gear always make me more motivated :)

i am doing the christmas in july swap as well. so fun!!

Claire said...

I hate running shoes coz they're expensive and they don't have heels. (I'm really short!) But then, they are so important!


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