Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making a lamp from a champagne bottle

Remember how I said I was super crafty last weekend?

Here's the other craft I finished!

This one was also on my 24 before 24 list because I started it waaay back over Thanksgiving and needed to follow through and finish!

I did pretty much everything wrong while doing this craft, so I'll give you a heads up on where you can do it better if you're looking to recreate it :)

The steps and mistakes to avoid are after the jump!

In case you don't remember, this project started when I asked my dad to help me drill a hole in a champagne bottle (the bottle from the champagne me and boyfriend drank on our anniversary!).

The first step required parental assistance. My dad picked up a drill bit from Lowe's that's made just for drilling holes in glass. Then he got a piece of wood ready to hold the bottle under a drill press. He said he thought you could probably use a regular drill and do it by hand, but only if you have a really steady hand.

We tested it out on an unimportant UV bottle to make sure it wouldn't shatter the glass. While he drilled the hole and I squirted the drill bit and bottle with water constantly to ensure it didn't get too hot and hurt the glass. It worked!

I don't have any pictures of the next step, but really I just shoved a string of LED Christmas lights in through the hole. (After my dad cut off the not-plugging-in end and taped up the wires.)

This is where you can do it better than I did. I would highly, highly recommend decorating the glass first, before you shove in the lights, if you're going to do anything with it. The frosting process requires water and I had to be careful about getting water in the hole and on the wires and what not.

However, I didn't do it that way. I shoved all the lights in and then realized it would look better if the glass was semi-distorted so you can't see all the wires. So I picked up some etching cream stuff from Hobby Lobby and started searching for a design. These were my inspiration pieces:

                                                                            Source: sixsistersstuff.com via Abbey on Pinterest

                                                              Source: blissimagesandbeyond.blogspot.com via Abbey on Pinterest

So to get my bottle ready I wrapped the cord in a plastic bag and placed rubber bands around the bottle.

Looks like I took this picture while I was testing the etching goop on the back of the bottle... whoops!

Here's where I did everything wrong. And here are my warnings:

1. Change into clothes you don't care about. Duh.
2. After you take any pictures you might want, move your phone away from the crafting area. Glass etcher + iPhone screens don't mix. Duh. (Luckily, the drop that fell on my iPhone must not have been there long. It did some damage, but it just looks like a fingerprint you can't wipe away. Still, be better than I was!)

Ok, so that's only two things. But still. I dropped etching cream on my iPhone!!! Yeesh.

The directions for the etching stuff I bought were pretty simple. You just glop it on and let it sit for a while and then wash it off with water.

And here's my finished product!

I wish the cream hadn't gotten under the rubber bands so they'd be a bit clearer, but I'm still pretty darn happy with it! And Pat likes it too, thank goodness, since the bottle is meaningful because of him!

Have any of you guys really messed up when you were doing a craft?


Shauna said...

Looks great!!

Alyx said...

Haha, I feel like I would do everything you did wrong and then some. It turned out amazing, though!

Leslie said...

Those look so good! I've always wanted to try that etching stuff... I may have to try this craft out this Summer.

lori said...

i love it!!

Kate said...

That looks so awesome!I'm quite impressed.
Mine would just end up looking like a hot mess. :P

Amy said...

Love it!
Also, there is a frosting spray paint!! (for future reference) And it works GREAT!

Lin said...

This came out great! If there are flaws they're really not noticeable. I messed around with etching cream this weekend & using that shit is really difficult so kudos to you :)

The Lehmann's said...

Ohh too cute! I keep seeing pins like this on pinterest and want to try it...I can feel some motivation coming on from this post! :) Thanks Abs!


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