Monday, May 21, 2012

Dear Monday [5.21.12]

Dear Monday... well. At least next Monday is memorial day, anyway.

Dear Pat, three months apart is a long time. Like, a really long time. But when you're done with your summer yard work, your awesome internship, and your summer class, when you've said goodbye to the kitties, mom, sister and dad, I'll be here.

In the meantime, thanks for taking six pictures with me during the two KU baseball games only for me to decide I liked the first best. You're nice.

Dear Jenna, in one of Sarah Dessen's books, she talks about having someone to be your 2 a.m. -- someone you can call no matter the time, no matter the situation. Thanks for being my 2 a.m. last night, even though it was actually 11:30. (That's pretty late for this old lady.)

Dear Mom, thanks for being there, even though me and Em are here. I wish I could do more.

Dear blog friends, my heart is pretty heavy today. Pat's gone for the summer and I've got some family stuff going on. If you pray, please keep us in mind. Good vibrations and positive energy are also welcome.

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Amy said...

=( I know how hard this is for you. Just know that time will pass even more quickly than you will realize.

riana. said...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

If you keep yourself busy hopefully time will fly by.

Jaz said...

Is it bad that I knew exactly what book you were talking about when you referenced "2 AM". I love Sarah Dessen. :)

Alyx said...

Awww, keep your chin up! Sending positive thoughts your way1

LaNeshe said...

Sending positive energy your way!

Lin said...

Aw, I'm sorry you two are going to be apart for the summer. On the plus side you guys will be so happy to see each other at the end of it :)

You & your family are definitely in my thoughts. Hope everything turns out fine hon.

Kate said...

Hopefully the time away will fly by, and it'll be AWESOME when you get to see each other again!

And I'm definitely sending prayers and good vibes your way.

Kristin said...

Hey Abbey!
Found you through Mingle Monday :)
Don't worry about your other half being gone; my husband's been away since December. It gets easier each day (in its own dumb little way, because no one should have to spend that much time apart anyway).
Also, my first thought when waking up this a.m. was "I can sleep in next Monday!"
Have a great week!

Sarah said...

LOVE that Sarah Dessen quote - it's one of my favorites and truly one of the ways I evaluate my friends! AND thinking about you - positive thoughts flying your way! Love your blog, too!


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