Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Well shit.

Hi lovelies.

Remember the good news I've been talking about that I couldn't really tell you about?

Well, it was that I got into grad school. But now I found out that I didn't really get in after all--or, more accurately, I'm on sort of a wait list.

I didn't even know this was a possibility. I'm really upset and crying at work. Please think good thoughts for me, or pray or do whatever it is you do.

Thanks, friends. Hopefully more, happier posts coming soon.

PS. Maybe reading this would help me feel better?


Laura said...

I saw that video on A Cup Of Jo. Such an interesting book idea and a good pick-me-up! It's a nice reminder that we all have things going for us, even if it may not look that way at first glance. I hope your grad school situation improves and you get off the wait list!

Alyx said...

Oh, no! That really stinks. Did you have a safety school?
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything works out!

Lin said...

Aw crap, that really sucks. Good news is you weren't rejected, you're in! It's just gonna take a little bit that's all. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

Leslie said...

Oh no Abbey! I am SO sorry.. at least you know it's not a rejection.. just a matter of waiting. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending positive vibes your way!!! That video is great! :)

@the bench said...

Hi- Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sorry to hear that you've been wait listed...hopefully it works out, and if not, you'll find a fit elsewhere :)


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