Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend recap: Visiting Meleah!

Hey lovelies!

This weekend I was able to cross off one of my major 24 before 24 goals: I visited my high school bff Meleah at med school!

I don't have a whole lot of pictures, because it was a super lazy weekend -- exactly what I needed.

I got in at around 8:30 Friday night. I was so. relieved. to make it ok because on my way I had to drive on a country road and a deer dashed in front of me! No exaggeration, it was less than a foot in front of my car, but I managed to avoid injury. Whew.

Friday night we chilled and watched all the wedding shows on TV. There seemed to be a Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids marathon this weekend. We weren't complaining!

Saturday we slept in and then made pancakes with peanut butter chips in them for breakfast. Yumm. When the rain let up a little bit, Meleah took me into town and showed me around her school! I got a few kind of odd pictures there.

Remember when Meleah worked on my back over Christmas break? Here she is working on her fiance's back:

It's called Osteopathic manipulative medicine. She did it again Sunday night before I left and realigned my hips and vertabrae and she popped my neck! Here's the room where she learned how to do it.

Those are lots and lots of fancy massage tables--they can be raised and lowered according to the med students' height.

That wall behind the podium is made up of giant screens. The fellows that teach the class operate cameras and can zoom in on students around the room to show what they're doing and help them do it better!

I was impressed. When she fixed me Sunday night she said that one of my pelvic/hip bones had rotated forward--so if you put your hand on the bumps that stick out from your hips in front? one of mine was lower than the other, and in the back it was higher, so she could tell it was rotated forward.

So cool!

We also saw this lovely display:

That, my friends, is the entire human nervous system. There are only three complete sets in the whole world--Meleah said it's really easy to accidentally cut through a nerve while you're dissecting without even noticing. Really gross, but really cool.

After our tour of the school we stopped by good ol' Walmart and picked up some veggies to snack on and then drove out to the lake. Her fiance proposed to her there! We were lucky and the sun came out for a little bit and we had a mini picnic.

Please excuse her winded hair and my messy ponytail. :)

After that we went home and tried this recipe for "Insalata Pizzas."

(She had googled vegetarian recipes and bought all the ingredients for like four of them. :) She's so nice!)

I liked it a lot! It was a few things I would never have put together but it was really good. I'd use less vinegar next time though.

Sunday morning we went to church and then a couple of her friends came over and we made this:

This recipe kept making us laugh because of the ENORMOUS amount of veggies it said to put in for only two servings. I think we ended up using less veggies and still feeding four people! We were using linguine, though, so we couldn't measure that and probably had more pasta in our version. We also added red pasta sauce. It was a hit!

Mel's friends brought over fresh strawberries and cake and we had strawberry short cake! Yummm.

We took an accidental nap after lunch and then Meleah worked on my back and then it was time to leave! A too-quick visit, for sure, but a wonderfully relaxing weekend with my friend who I see far too rarely.

Also, I managed to check off one of my 24 before 24 goals! I also added two new recipes to my tally. :)


Laura said...

I'm so glad there aren't any deer around here because I would be terrified if I saw one.

And don't you just love seeing old high school friends? I love having so much history between two people. There's always so much to catch up on when I see an old friend.

Leslie said...

I love seeing old friends :) It sounds like you had a wonderful time... and just reading about her fixing your back makes me feel like I need mine done. Majorly. haha!

Glad you made it there safely too, seeing deer on the road ALWAYS makes me a nervous wreck.

Margaret Hart said...

Yay for reunions and safe returns. But, I think you can check another thing off your list--you tried some new food when home for Easter. I don't remember what it was, but I remember telling you that I was helping you with your goal of new food...what was it...?

. said...

Relaxing weekends are the best kind :)

Your friend and I need to be friends. I got a neck that's perfectly rubbable ;)

Meleah said...

Heyyyyy. I just discovered your blog!! And I LOVE this post! :) That was such a great weekend! And I am so glad you came to see me and that I was part of your "24 Before 24" list. I have read a few of your posts here and there and will definitely be reading from now on. Love you! :) :) :)


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