Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday thoughts [4.5.12]

Hi friends!

I'm excited to link up with Sar from [life of love] today. Her Thursday Thoughts link up is just what I need with the list of randoms I've been thinking about lately.

Thank you all for your support after my post Tuesday. It was a definite shock since ... you know what? On to positivity! You all were wonderful, especially my real-life friend Jenna. I hope it's ok with her if I share some of what she sent me in an email:

"We can't know everything about life, no matter how much we study and reflect. There will always be mystery. What we can do is enjoy each stage as we go through life, knowing that another, perhaps very different stage, will follow."

Her entire email, especially this part, really helped me feel better. I think I might have to print the whole thing out and hang it somewhere. This girl is too good to me! (Hi Jenna!)

Big sister got a job offer! Yay! Not sure if she'll see this since she's at a wedding, but congrats to her!

Does this font and size work for you? I'm constantly changing my font/size. I had a friend tell me it was too small on her computer, so I made it bigger, but I'm still not really satisfied. Be prepared for another new font! Possibly.

I have been losing weight (13 pounds so far! woohoo!) But I have been STUCK on this one pound for a couple weeks now. It is so frustrating.

Here are some other things that have helped distract me and make me feel better.

This video:

This comic:

And this one:

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Sar said...

Oh no! Just read your Tuesday blog. It's pretty amazing how God answers prayers in His own way, so I promise things will work out, whatever that plan may be.

Sending you love and good thoughts.

Congrats on losing weight! 13lbs is a ton, so keep up the good work! Here's hoping you can push through the next pound.

Thinking of you! Sending love.

Alyx said...

HA! I love the language difference one. Have you seen the butterfly one?!
I've never heard Kugelschreiber... normally it's called a Kuli, but maybe that's short for Kugelschreiber?

Lin said...

Congratulation to your big sister, that's awesome! I like this font, most of them hurt my eyes but this works.

13 pounds? That's way awesome. I hate when I get stuck at that certain weight, it sucks.

Katie said...

Oh my goodness, I love the PENS. That is amazing.

Hopefully gradschool will work itself out for you. Sucky to have to be stressed about stuff like that!

Found you through the link-up!


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