Thursday, April 12, 2012

A momentous occasion

A Very Big Thing happened yesterday. And did I get pictures? Did I stop to smell the roses? Nope. Suuuuure didn't.

Let me tell you all about it. :) Starting from the verrryyy beginning...

About a year and a half ago, Pat and I started dating. Here's us:

At the time, we were both resident assistants and lived in the res halls at KU. KU is a dry campus, so we weren't allowed to have alcohol in our rooms even if we were twenty one.

Luckily, though, my big sister lived off campus and generously donated the use of her home, lovingly called the hobbit hole, for our weekend activities.

This is one of the images that comes up when you google "hobbit hole."
Also, that is a sheep.
We called it that because it was a tiny, one-bedroom apartment in the basement of a house where other college students lived. We had to be verrrrryyy selective with who we invited to the hobbit hole because 5 people was a crowd. Like I said, tiny.

You guys remember Sam? Here's me and Pat with Sam:

Well Sam was one of the people who regularly visited the hobbit hole with us, along with some other regulars, for such activities as Lion King drinking games, and Beauty and the Beast drinking games, and Seussical the Musical singalongs.

One night in the hobbit hole, after a few adult beverages, we started discussing our plans for the next few years. We all had living arrangements planned out for this year, but somehow, Sam convinced us that the three of us needed to live together the year after.

By the end of the night, Pat and I had pinky promised Sam not to break up so we could all live together.

Why did I make this promise? I have no idea how I thought it would work out. I was a senior and didn't know what I was doing with my life or if I would stay in town or move to Montana or Alaska or Prague. But I made the promise, so there you have it.

Adding a picture here to break up the text. Look! Snow! Remember snow?

Fast forward to this year. I know I'm staying in town, not moving to Montana or Prague. We've found a fourth roommate, found a place we want to live, and everything is really happening.

Then I find out I might have to live on campus for grad school. Yikes.

So the signing of the lease is put off, and put off, and put off, until this week when I finally said, Alright. I will go and apply to live there Thursday and whatever happens with grad school after that, happens, but I'm keeping my pinky promise, dangit.

I tell Pat and ask him if he wants to go turn in his paperwork too and he says yes, but Wednesday is better for him.

So last night we go down to the leasing office, nbd, to turn in our applications.

Where the lovely girl behind the desk tells us they only have one townhome left for next year. ONE.

And she says someone is coming to tour it in the next half hour and if they decide to sign their lease, we're out of luck.

We call Sam and he rushes down and we all turn in our applications, she runs our background checks while we're standing there, Pat tries to get a hold of Jake, our fourth roommate, but Jake doesn't answer, so the three of us have to put up the deposit without him and sign our lease right that second and he'll sign it later or we risk losing our house for next year, so we each hand over checks for over two hundred dollars, read quickly through the lease and sign some papers.

So. The Very Big Thing?

Me and Pat signed a lease last night.

I'm officially moving in with my boyfriend next year.

And I'll be living with three boys next year...

The end.  For now. :)


Alyx said...

Ahhh!!! Exciting! Have fun living with 3 boys! :)
Do you at least get your own bathroom?

Leslie said...

Ahhh!!! That is so exciting!! Hope it all works out nicely, but I think y'all are going to have a blast!

Margaret Hart said...

in the nick of time!

Lin said...

Very cool, congratulations sweets!

katie said...

Congrats! (and gulp)

Thank you so, so much for the lovely comment on my blog. You're very sweet. Moving into a townhouse is a lot of fun! (i moved into a house with my friends in September 2011). Just remember, there needs to be ground rules set before you guys move in. (But still, YOUR OWN PLACE! It's so exciting!)


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