Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Monday [4.9.12]

Linking up with Megan at Happy Day Blog

Dear Monday, As always, I'm sleepy and dreaming of going to bed early tonight. But first, six or so more hours of work, a bit of shopping [laundry detergent, bleach, toothbrush, milk--not exciting], and maybe some leftover pie with Pat. :)

Dear roommate, I knew there would be trouble when you came home with a toothbrush the same color as mine, so I can't say I was surprised when I went into the bathroom this morning and yours was in the holder and mine was in your cabinet. I understand your early morning confusion. But still.... Really? My replacement will not be orange, I assure you.

Dear boyfriend, I like you because when I'm sad you're silly, and when I dance like crazy in public, you don't walk away, even if you were maybe a little embarrassed. Freyday night has officially become one of my favorite memories. Thanks, dood.

Dear Mom, Dad, Anna, and pets, I loved this weekend. It was pretty perfect. See you in a few weeks!

Dear five-year journal, I haven't written in you since I got my bad news last Tuesday. I promise, promise, promise I will update you today. If only I can remember what I did last Wednesday...

Dear anyone who tries to comment, Today I turned off word verification for the third time. It keeps coming back. I'm sorry. I promise I'm not trying to torture anyone.

Dear blog friends, I'm also linking up with Meg for Mingle Monday! I have been for the past few weeks and have met so many lovely ladies! Head on over if you'd like to mingle, too!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope your weekend was as fun, relaxing, and full of good food as mine was!


Shauna said...

Ahaha she put yours in the cabinet?? Weird!

Christy said...

Stopping by from Mingle Monday! Cute blog! I love your layout!

Katie said...

found you through meg's link up! cute letters! I wish mondays weren't so hard!!

Leslie said...

I love this post!! That's hilarious about the toothbrush mix-up... definitely looks like you'll be finding a different color ASAP.

Lin said...

Sucks about your toothbrush but why in the world would she buy the same color as you? Well, at least you get a new one :)

Your boyfriend reminds me of my husband, they're definitely keepers.

Word verification must really like you to keep coming back. Hopefully it'll be go away for good now since no one likes it. No one.

Katie said...

I'm a huge supporting of random public dance parties. Way to go! :)


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