Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Calling all runners!

I want to start running, but I am full of questions.

Yes I know running is a pretty natural thing that all toddlers can do, but still. I have questions.

Like, are running tights really worth the bajillion dollars when I already have plenty pairs of athletic shorts?

And do you carry water? How do you do it?

Ideally, I'd like to look like the female version of this when I run:


And not how I would look naturally. Which is like this:


And any other wisdom you can offer, would be great, really. Time of day that's best, advice for when it's super hot. Favorite running shoes. I'm all ears.

Or eyes, really. Since, you know, it's a blog.

Have a great Tuesday!


Shauna said...

I definitely wouldn't call myself a runner by any means, but I do go running pretty frequently! You should run in whatever makes you comfortable! I got a pair of those ridiculously expensive yoga capris and they really are amazing, but they make me really hot- I used to always wear cheap yoga capris and love them, so I might buy another cheap pair for running again soon! As for water, I don't really drink while I'm running, but my friend wears a camel pack when she goes on really long runs!

Alyx said...

If you find the answers to all of these questions... let me know - I'm a failure at running.

keltie said...

You know what the best way to start running is? Join a running group! In Canada, we have the Running Room, not sure what a US equivalent will be. You won't need to bring water with you until you are running longer distances (maybe more than 7km?). Check out Runner's World magazine (and their online presence) for some great beginner running tips--they do really good shoe reviews as well. I'm partial to Asics but really depends on the shape of your foot. I used to run quite a lot but then I let life take over and it's so hard to get back to it. I think you may have inspired me! Good luck and keep us posted!

Leslie said...

hahahaha!! Those pictures are amazing.

I wish I knew the answer to your questions.. but I'm not a runner. and wish I was. I really want to be one of those people addicted to running!

Lin said...

Haha, this post is so funny. I dont have any advice for you because I dont run, haven't in years but good luck!

The Lehmann's said...

I'm in no way a runner but I have taken it up a little more lately. So here's my little tinybit of insight I have.
Try running in your shorts, if you don't get chub rub {when your thighs rub together - it be the debil!} don't bother buying running tights. I get the dreaded chub rub so I prefer capris. And if you do longer distances you may run {get it, RUN, ha!} into that issue a little bit.
Right now, I'm not up to the point where I need to carry water - but I've been looking into it as well. So when I find something I'll let you know!
When it's super hot {hi Texas heat!} I try to run as late in the evening as I can {if outside} or in the early morning. Even though it really sucks getting up that early.
And if you're starting out - do not be ashamed if you have to start walking, just remember that once you catch your breath to hit it up again. Finding a pace your comfortable with will make you enjoy it so much more than trying to be the fastest kid on the block.

Amy said...

Funny story, that mr. ridiculously photogenic guy?
I know him, i grew up going to school with his sister and have known her from 1st grade through college. :) Watkins Little has always been gorgeous hahaha.
Also When you find out the answers to these questions LET ME KNOW! I'm still dying with each step i take.
I actually bought the app (it was like $2.99) couch to 5k. It is amazing! It wil ltell you when to stop running, walk, etc and you can have your playlist continually going it will turn the music up and down for you when giving directions!
How cool is that!?

riana. said...

Well this is exciting, I love when new people are getting into running. I am a runner and have been running since junior high (cross country). I just ran my first marathon (26.2 miles) in February.
The best thing to do is slowly work your way into it because at first you're not in shape. Start off running 5 min maybe when you feel comfortable with that move up to 10, then work your way up to reach whatever your goal is. Or you can start with one mile and move up that way as well.
If you want to run a 5k I would suggest finding a fun one to do, such as a mud run, or The color run.
If your not into getting dirty just find a local one. Also maybe find a friend to do it with you so that you both will be motivated and can push the other when the other person get s lazy.
Personally I like running in my Nike tempo shorts.

Good luck!!!


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