Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday [3.21.12]

Apologies, friends, that so far this week has only been a couple of lists. But! Tomorrow I will have a birthday post! It should be a little more substantial. Until then, these are some things I'm loving right now. :)

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1. This list of notes written by monks in the margins of illuminated texts they were copying. Includes "Oh, my hand," and "Thank God, it will soon be dark." They were people! They got cold! They are responsible for much of the world's ancient religious knowledge! Isn't it cool? Or am I a nerd? Oh well.

2. Sarah Dessen. I don't know if I've ever mentioned that she's my favorite author ever, but she is. But! I also love how real she is with her readers/audience/fans/friends/anyone who stumbles on her twitter. This morning she went to GMA, which she is a HUGE fan of, and tweeted her entire experience. She also got inside! Here's a picture of her and Robyn Roberts on the set:

And here's me with Sarah when I met her at a reading in Omaha last spring!

Yeah, I'm a little awkward. But I have four autographed books and a tshirt to show for it!

3. I'm loving that the ants are pretty much gone! Woohoo! We used a spray in a white bottle from Walmart. I don't know the name right now, but it worked wonders!

I'm also loving a few of my recent pins! You can find me on Pinterest here(links will be in the captions)

Isn't this a gorgeous backdrop for a party table?

Usually I don't like anonymous quotes much, but this one is so insightful and true.

I have a few weddings to attend this spring and wouldn't this dress be lovely to wear?

So simple, but wouldn't this be so nice to see every day?

That's all for today! Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon+evening!



Alyx said...

That dress is so perfect!
And that actually is pretty cool about the monks!

Kit said...

that is a great dress!!!

Jamie said...

That dress is so cute!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

I love the "Hello Sunshine" art. My bestfriend always sends me a text with that :) She's too cute.

Margaret Hart said...

I like the Sarah Desson road trip pic and the quote that I've heard before but is a great depiction that what we think, we create and also the Buddhist precept of "think right."

Laura said...

Sarah dessen is one of my favorites too. When I met her a few years ago, she was so nice and genuine.


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