Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lovely quote

During my commute this week I'm listening to The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold. Have any of you read it? I heard this quote yesterday and just loved it. Susie, the narrator, is speaking of pictures she took of her mother:

I loved the way this was written, and loved the thoughts it inspires.

Do you guys ever feel defined by the role you play? Friend to someone, daughter to another, girlfriend, sister, neighbor, whatever.

And there's also how you've changed as you've met new people in your life. I know I'm different now than I was before I was Pat's girlfriend.

Have you ever thought about your own mother outside of her role as your mom? How she was before you and how being mom to you changed her? I'm sure my mom never had to field weird medical questions and give tax advice before raising three daughters.

I'm not sure why this quote captivated me so much, but I hope you think it's interesting too. :)

Ps. Shout out to my mom :) Thanks for playing that role.


Leslie said...

I love your take on this quote! It really is interesting to think about how our roles in life affect us. Lovely post!

Lin said...

I've never read the book but can see why the quote got to you. It's very beautiful.

I totally agree that we tend to change with every new person we meet and spend time with. There are a few things that have changed about me since meeting my husband. I mean ultimately I'm the same but some things have changed.

Elle. said...

such a great quote. i always try to get stuff out of my mom about how she was when she was my age, it's fun to hear their stories. i'm over from mingle monday! cute blog and i'm your newest follower :) xo

Breanna Hohenstein said...

Your blog is adorable :) Love this post!
I have not read the book, but the movie is amazing!

Margaret Hart said...

I always fielded weird questions--in high school things like, "What if each of us is like a molecule on God?" OK, that may have been at parties, but then, as you say, events of life changed the questions I faced and the questions I conjured.


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