Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Monday [3.26.12]

Dear Monday, I am tired, sick and cranky. My glands are swollen and I would love nothing more to be in my bed. Here's to hoping the day gets better.

Dear Mom, Anna and Dad, thank you for these lovely flowers. They brighten up my room so much, and I now have a new favorite flower--orange Peruvian lilies. I know the budget is tight, so they mean even more.

Dear Simone, thank you for these beauties. They're so cheerful! Yours also had my new favorite flower in them! Thank you also for letting me text you about my sickness and the weird side effects of the medicine I'm taking. Thanks for loving me from far away. I hope I see you soon.

Dear readers, remember how once I talked about how I compare myself to others? This tendency, combined with my allover tiredness, makes me want to tell you now: My photography is probably not going to get better because I have a cheap(ish) point-and-shoot camera, but also because I use my iPhone camera even more. My blog will never be perfect, and it's always just going to be me. But thank you for reading. It makes me feel important.

Photo by Chris Neal of the University Daily Kansan

Photo by Chris Neal of the University Daily Kansan 
Dear Jayhawks, FINAL FOUR BOUND! You played better in the last few minutes of the UNC game than you have all year. Please keep playing well. It's fun to win!

Dear Hunger Games movie, I hate to say it, but you did not meet my expectations. I think I'll just go back to reading the books.

Dear boyfriend, can we have nap time right now? I'll come home from work and we can just sleep a little longer?

I hope you all are having a lovely Monday! I am off to the doctor after work, and then have one last birthday celebration tonight with friends who weren't here last week! Hopefully these will help me be more cheerful tomorrow. :) Have a great day!


Leslie said...

I hope you feel better soon!! And I've about decided that iphone cameras take much better pictures than point and shoot cameras! It's nuts!

Alyx said...

Hope you feel better soon! AND HECK YES KANSAS!!! So proud of them, even if they have had a couple close calls.
And I loved the movie!!

Sar said...

Happy Monday love!

Dee said...

Looks like you had a great birthday...and more to come! Have an awesome Monday!

Katie said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Lin said...

I was sick two weeks ago so I'm totally feeling your pain & hope you feel better soon. Those flowers are beautiful, you're one lucky gal :)

Haha, you're one of the very few people that have admitted to not thinking the movie was made to it's full potential & gotta say, you're honesty is very much appreciated since I haven't seen it yet.

Han said...

I liked The Hunger Games as a film on it's own but it wasn't as good as the books. Should have stayed that way I think


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