Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear Monday [3.19.12]

Dear Monday, I'm apathetic this week. I really just want to go back to sleep. Can we arrange that?

Dear boyfriend, why are you so very far away? I'm already excited for you to come home.

Dear frozen pizza, ice cream, Harry Potter Weekend and Netflix, thanks for keeping me company this weekend while I wallowed in self pity for not having a spring break while all my friends were off having adventures and for the swarm of ants now in my kitchen. You were great.

Dear Layne, come home meow. We're ready for you.

Dear ants, leave or die. It's that simple, really.

Dear Jayhawks, thanks for pulling it out in the end this weekend. But please, next game, try to lead for more than the last 45 seconds? Kthanksssss.

Photo by Chris Neal of the University Daily Kansan

Photo by Chris Neal of the University Daily Kansan 

If you have anything you'd like to say to Monday, or if you want to read other people's Monday Letters, head over to Happy Day!


Alyx said...

Pahahaha love that cheerleader's face! Priceless.

Sar said...

I agree with Alyx, that cheerleader looks terrified. Bwaaahahah awesome!

Here's hoping to see your boyfriend SOON!

Margaret Hart said...

I like the ant entry and the message to the Jayhawks!

Katie said...

And that is a LONGGGG distance relationship! Also, I have a serious anger/hate for ants. They are SO annoying and hard to get rid of! Booo.


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