Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

I didn't realize yesterday was Mardi Gras until I saw some TIME tweets about the holiday. I didn't grow up in a religious family and until I went to college, I didn't know anyone who gave up anything for Lent.

But in college, I had friends who challenged themselves in lots of ways for Lent--giving up soda or sugar or red meat. A couple friends lived on a dollar a day for food. How cool is that?

This year I'm going to try out Lent. I love the idea of giving up something that's bad for you and thinking good things instead, whether it's prayer that gets you through or whatever. So here's my plan:

I'd like to give up all negative self-talk.

All those thoughts I think when I look in the mirror and I'm not quite happy or I feel like I haven't done quite well enough on something. Instead, I'm going to focus on building myself up and believing in myself more.

I want to be conscious of what I'm thinking. When I catch on to something negative, I want to immediately replace it with something positive. That's the plan, anyway.

So this week, I'm loving positivity and self confidence.

I'm also loving...

Pat, my bf. Always. He's been really supportive the last couple weeks. I feel like ever since I've been working on my fitness, all I ever talk to him about is my calories and weight. But he hasn't complained once and I'm very grateful.

Listening to this book on audio. It's so much more exciting than the first one!

My job, my life, my friends, my family... Everything seems pretty great at this moment. I can do anything good! Yeah, yeah, yeah. (Also, in my quest for less negative self-talk, Jessica is a pretty great example!)

Is anyone else giving up something for Lent? And how is everyone's week going? I'd love to hear! <3

As always, thanks to Jamie for hosting this wonderful link up!
Check out her blog to see what everyone else is loving this week!

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Margaret Hart said...

REMEMBER: I can do anything! Listen to your self-talk. Big step in creating your own positive future.


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