Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weekend recap: Visit from sister and parentals!

Hey loves!

As I mentioned last week, my family was up this past weekend to visit and for my little sister Anna to play volleyball. It was a great weekend (though the sports part turned out to be not that great...).

My family got in Friday around 9:30 and stopped at Emily's first to drop off the puppies. We had decided they should stay there because my roommate's dogs are much, much bigger, but my parents and Anna stayed with me because my house has more space than Em's apartment.

Captain Chewy Jack Sparrow (Chewy) and Olive Lucy (Lucy)

After dropping off the dogs, everyone headed over to my house where my mom recounted a recent incident she experienced in the line of duty as a social worker and I got my them all settled in to where they would be sleeping.

Saturday morning started bright and early as Anna had her first volleyball game at 8 a.m. So much for sleeping in on the weekend!

While Anna's team did not do so hot (winning only two games out of four matches) Anna had some awesome passes and served six times in a row, including two aces! (Where the other team doesn't touch her serve or only touches it once before letting it drop.) She'd been struggling with her serves for a while, so it was great to see her do really well! Boyfriend came to one of the games and we all got Subway for lunch. Yummm.

After Anna's four games, we headed over to Emily's. We walked the dogs and then everyone settled in. Emily and I had decided to cook din for our family (plus Pat!) and concocted a meal of spaghetti, garlic bread, garlic broccoli, and homemade chicken nuggets for the meat eaters. Yum again!

(I'm a terrible blogger and didn't take any pictures... Still getting used to blogging I guess!)

KU played Mizzou, our oldest rival, Saturday night. Sadly, the game disappointed: we lost by three. But we were the underdog on the other team's home court. Hopefully we'll show them what's what when we play them at Allen Field House at the end of the month. :) (Last night was much happier as we stomped Baylor on their home court! Rock Chalk!)

After the game, all who were staying at my house headed out. I accidentally left my cellphone at Emily's though. Whoops! So in the morning, I went back with my parents to retrieve my phone. When I went to text Pat that I had gotten it back, I found these lovely messages that someone had been kind enough to write to him for me:

Ignoring the bad grammar, I think they were pretty creative!

We walked the dogs one last time...

and then packed them up and my family headed back on the three-hour trip home.

I promise, promise, prooooomise I'll try to take more pictures of my trip this weekend to California and other exciting things in the future!

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