Friday, February 24, 2012

T G I F!!!

Today is Friday.

Today, I had to reset my password to log onto my work computer. I spelled it wrong.

I also looked down about half an hour ago and realized I wore black shoes with a brown shirt. (A choice I wouldn't consciously make.)

Can you tell I'm ready for the weekend?

This weekend will either turn out to be crazy busy or only halfway busy.

Tonight I'm chilling with Pat at his place, nbd.

Tomorrow I'm picking up my new-to-me sewing machine (!) and *maybe* going to Kansas City to see my little sister play volleyball. She's been sick, though, so they aren't sure if she'll make it. If not, it will be a day of napping, crafting, baking and watching KU basketball. Sounds perfect, right?

Sunday is breakfast with the bf's dad and aunt, then a baby shower, then ice cream cake for the bf's grandpa. Busy busy, but lots of fun!

Anyone else doing anything fun this weekend? :) I hope it's fabulous!

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